In case you missed my welcome post, here is a little information about me, and why I am here.

I am a Christian woman, wife and mother seeking God’s plan for my life. I want to be exactly who God has designed me to be. I have been living for me far too long. I know the truth, that our purpose in this life is to do God’s will, and to bring people to Him. I have ignored His plan far too long. I am finally open to surrendering my life to do His work. I don’t know where it will lead me, and that’s okay. I trust Him to bring me where I need to be. I have been inspired to start this blog by my husband, who also recently started blogging. He is learning as much as he can about God’s truths, and sharing them with others. We aren’t outgoing, social people, so this seems to be the best tool for us to “get out” and share God’s Word.

I want to find other people who believe what I believe, and get God’s message out. I want to encourage others who are following God’s path for them too. I want to gain knowledge and tools necessary to become a better Christian, wife and mother.

Thank you for being part of this journey.


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