My son just found a squirrel dead in our swimming pool. I sure hope it wasn’t the tree hugger from the post below.

I really have no idea how/why it got into the pool. It’s a round, inflatable ring pool…very shallow too. There is a fence around the pool, so maybe the squirrel jumped into the water from it. It may have possibly fallen out of one of the trees near the pool, but none of them really hang over the water. I feel bad for the squirrel, but am also happy it didn’t pop the ring and destroy the pool while trying to escape. I’m sure the poor thing struggled before drowning. 😦



A Blanket For My Girl

I like making my babies blankets just for them when they are born. I crochet and knit…very basic skills only. 😉

I had started a knit blanket a while ago for my little girl, but it’s going too slow. I searched for a quick pattern with a tutorial, and I found a crochet one that should work for me. I wanted to use yarn from my stash. The pattern called for a chunky/bulky yarn. I hoped that my Lion brand homespun yarn would be close enough.

I had trouble with the foundation row since the homespun yarn is so fuzzy. I know my edges are going to be wonky since I’ve already made some mistakes. I don’t think the baby will notice, or care.

It is growing quickly, so I am happy so far. Due to my yarn choice I don’t think the finished product will be as big as the example, but it should be a decent car seat blanket. 🙂

Below is an updated picture of my blanket. It has grown so much and will be crib sized after all. I am amazed by how quickly it worked up. Especially since I have a very grabby almost 2 year old and my hands still go numb due to my carpal tunnel.

Contractions and an ultrasound

Over the past two days I have had lots of contractions, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, and pressure. Yesterday after work I called the OB’s office and they just told me to stay hydrated and lay low. Today I was working and feeling those same pains and pressure. So, being that it wasn’t even 5 am I called the oncall doctor. He told me it sounded like Braxton Hicks contractions, and to call back if the pain became debilitating or if I had any discharge or bleeding. Thankfully my pain stayed manageable and there were no other concerns.

I was already scheduled for an ultrasound today to check the baby’s size. She is growing well… maybe too well. She averaged out 5 days ahead of my due date in the 86th percentile at 4 pounds 10 ounces. I’m only 32 weeks today, so that’s a bit scary.

I asked the high risk doctor about my contractions and she said to continue doing what my regular obstetrician said to. I told her that he didn’t really say to do anything. She asked if I had this weekend off, which I do. She then suggested I try floating in a body of water, and that I use a support belt to relieve the pressure I have been feeling. She also asked about my non stress tests, and I told her I start Monday. She seemed happy with that.

She did say our baby looks perfect, just a little big…not scary big in her opinion.

My husband did point out to me that her head measured the biggest of anything they checked, at over 34 weeks. Yikes!

Life is gonna get hectic

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday at 31 weeks pregnant. Next Friday I have an ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth, but the week after my life is going to get stressful.

I will need non-stress tests twice a week until the end of my pregnancy. As long as my ultrasound next Friday goes well I will only need one more before delivery at 36 weeks. Around that same time my cerclage should be removed. Once my cerclage is removed I need to be ready for labor to start. Cerclage removal has never led to my going into labor, but it could happen.

My 3 full term pregnancies have all ended by induction. The first was at 39 weeks 4 days, the second was at 39 weeks 2 days and the last one was at 38 weeks 6 days. I am expecting an induction around 39 weeks again this time. That’s only 8 weeks away!

I am still working 30-40 hours a week and will possibly be spending several hours a week in the doctor’s office. When my regular home life with a teenager and two toddlers gets thrown into the mix I see exhaustion and mood swings in my future.

We haven’t started preparing for this baby yet. We have baby clothes stored from my last pregnancy that need to be sorted through for neutral items, and the few clothes that we’ve purchased for this baby need to be washed. We need to purchase a new infant car seat, and a bed for our middle son. We’ll take his toddler bed and put the side back on it to use as a crib. Where to put that crib is another issue. We need to get creative in our house to make a bedroom out of a storage room and part of another room. My husband and I are still in the planning phase of that project. I do plan on using a co-sleeper early on while breastfeeding, but eventually she’ll need her own space. We do have a nice pack n’ play to use for naps that we can set up wherever is convenient. There will be a period of learning sleep schedules to decide where that may be in this house of rowdy boys. She might be able to nap in the little boys bedroom while our almost 2 year old naps, it may be in my bedroom, or who knows it could be the kitchen if that’s the quietest place during the day. 😉 We’ll just have to see how it goes.

30 weeks pregnant and falling

I hit the 30 week milestone today, and my deck stairs yesterday.

I am very sore and bruised from my fall. Luckily I was going down my slippery deck stairs after a rain and did not land on my very pregnant belly.

My wrists, back and bottom took the fall poorly though. I was a week out from my cortisone injections, so I am hoping the swelling and bruising of my hands/wrists doesn’t complicate my carpal tunnel recovery.

My bottom is quite sore and a little bruised. I have a lot of padding in this area, so I suppose it could have been much worse. 😉

My back seems to be the most visibly affected from the fall. Moving has become very difficult, and uncomfortable. Having only 9 weeks or so left in my pregnancy I was already having some difficulty getting around. Here is a picture of the bruise on my back.

It is right about where an epidural would be placed, so I hope this heals before I need one. I normally have issues getting epidurals, so added pain from an injury is not something I want to deal with.

I am also dealing with some intense abdominal cramps today. I don’t seem to be contracting at all. I think they are gastrointestinal in nature.

All of these pains combined with my complaining are making myself and my family miserable.

Carpal Tunnel Update

My obstetrician referred me to an orthopedic doctor to discuss my options. I met with him on 6/18, and we decided to try cortisone injections in both hands. The only issue with doing that was my gestational diabetes. Cortisone can raise blood glucose quite high, which can be dangerous for the baby. They and I contacted my diabetes educator to see what needed to be done. The answer was pretty easy. I need to refer to a chart to correct my blood sugar levels before I eat. So, my goal is to have a blood sugar level around 100 before a meal. If my test has a level of 130 or higher I simply add more insulin to what I would normally inject before a meal.

I had my cortisone injections yesterday, and so far the blood sugar plan is not going smoothly. My level was actually under 100 before my dinner (first meal after cortisone), so I didn’t have to correct for that meal. I just had to take what I thought would be the correct dose for that particular meal. Apparently I did not calculate my dose properly. Two hours after eating my blood sugar is supposed to be 120 or less, but mine was over 200. I used my regular night time dose to adjust my fasting blood sugar, and it seemed to work fine (even with the elevated level after dinner). My fasting level today was 90, which is the cut off during pregnancy without being considered high. YAY! My happiness didn’t last though. I ate my regular breakfast, without insulin since I don’t use insulin at breakfast and tested an hour afterward. At an hour after a meal without insulin my goal is 140 or less. I tested in the 170’s. That’s not awful, but I either should have had less carbs or more protein. I am hoping my numbers stay ina nice safe area for my little girl.

The cortisone injections have caused me some discomfort. First during the injection I had some “zings” as the doctor described might happen. OUCH! Then a few hours after the injections my palms started aching. The doctor gave me absolutely no information on how I should treat my hands after the injections. He just said the medicine might take a few days to work, and stays in my system for 2 weeks. After the medicine wears off my body should naturally take over the anti-inflammatory relief. I don’t even have a follow up appointment to schedule. I just need to call in 2 weeks to let them know how my hands have responded. If my pain level is greatly reduced then I should not have to worry about any other treatment. If my pain has only slightly decreased or stayed the same we will discuss surgery options. Apparently I am allowed carpal tunnel surgery while pregnant, but it would be with local anesthetic only. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

I went to work this morning, since the doctor didn’t advise against it. I couldn’t stay though. I do very repetetive work using a box cutter to open cases for 10 hours a day. My right hand which holds the box cutter was numb, and I had shooting pains down my thumb towards my palm while cutting. That was a new pain, so I have to assume it’s related to the injection. The left hand had some shooting pains while moving cases too. I decided the best thing for me to do was go home, rest and ice my hands. I had read online that those things are recommended after the injections. I wish my doctor had mentioned it. He was nearly an hour late for my appointment, and once the injections were done I was ready to go. I probably should have asked about limitations, but oh well I earned 2 hours of pay before I gave up. 😉

I’m trying to see if leaving early will be covered by my intermittent leave. Otherwise I will “get in trouble” for leaving early and it will be on my record for 6 months. That would make leaving or calling out for any other reason very difficult without getting into more serious trouble at work.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This week has been awful in regards to my carpal tunnel syndrome. Because I have a very repetitive job I have been dealing with CTS for years, and treating it with ibuprofen. Unfortunately during pregnancy you can’t take Ibuprofen. I haven’t worked or done much since Friday afternoon, but I am still extremely symptomatic. My hands go numb using my phone, showering, cooking… basically no matter what I do. 😦

I wake during the night with pain and numbness. I had a hard time working this week, since I have to hold a box cutter. At some points I couldn’t feel it in my hand. I asked if there were any other light duty options for me since I am currently working with restrictions. The answer was sweeping and dusting. Holding a broom at the end of my shift instantly made my right hand go numb. I thought maybe it was because I had been working all day, but last night I swept up a mess and again instantly went numb.

I am concerned that I may not be able to work much longer. I have worn splints at night, but am still suffering. I need to work another 6-7 weeks in order to have job protection. I really wish I could just take Ibuprofen. This is my fourth pregnancy to reach this gestation, but most certainly my worst experience with carpal tunnel.