Judge Not? A Post About Misconceptions And Condemnation From A Former Christian

via Judge Not? A Post About Misconceptions And Condemnation From A Former Christian


Hubby is going to the hospital

My husband has been sick off and on…mostly on for a few weeks. He’s been having some chest pain, shortness of breath and a racing heart today. He finally decided it was time to go to the doctor.

We have 3 kids though, a 1,3 and 12 year old. The one year old was sleeping, and the 3 year old should have been so he decided to go alone. I doubt he’ll have any kind of procedure done that would mean he couldn’t drive himself home, but the kids and I are heading to bed just in case we have to go get him in a couple of hours.

I have a friend willing to come watch the kids, if I have to go pick my husband up. She and her husband even offered to pick him up and drive him home if that was better.

He just arrived at the hospital. I hope it’s a quiet night and he’s seen quickly.

We think it might be pneumonia, so hopefully it isn’t so bad they want to keep him. Or even better than that maybe it’s just a bad cold.

Update: Looks like bronchitis. He had an EKG and a blood test to check for heart enzymes to rule out heart attack. Those tests came back normal. He also had a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. That came back normal too.

He was given a nebulizer treatment in the hospital, and sent home with 3 prescriptions. They prescribed an inhaler, an antibiotic and prednisone.

He came home after 2am, got about 20 minutes of sleep and then went to work.😞 Somehow he will have to get through a 12 1/2 hour shift with an hour commute each way.

Cooking and cleaning day

Today I have been busy with chores. I have washed many loads of laundry, baked a cake, loaded and emptied my dishwasher and apparently prepared a dinner nobody wants to try.

Here is a picture of the fudgy banana oat cake I made.

It looks odd, but I think it will be yummy.

Dinner however, looks gross!

This is Creamy Cooker Chicken. The sauce is quite runny, so I have my crock pot set on high with the lid off to thicken it. I’m serving this with pasta and mixed vegetables. Hopefully we will all be surprised, and enjoy it.

On my needles

I’m going to turn $2 of thrift store yarn into a neutral winter scarf…if the toddler will stop messing with it. He has already pulled my yarn off the needle once, and I am not a skilled knitter so that was a nightmare for me to fix. ;P

I probably shouldn’t be drinking coffee while I knit with such light yarn either…especially with a 3 year old and 1 year old running around. 😉

I am making some progress. It’s not perfect… I’ve made more than a few mistakes but I’m pretty happy with it.