First “Week” Back

I have survived my return to work after maternity leave.

My first day back was Wednesday. I got an hour of sleep before I had to get up and prepare for my day. Surprisingly I worked my full 10 hour shift without feeling tired at all. I did get very sore as the day went on.

When I got home I could barely move. I iced my right arm, and passed out on the couch. I was so sore I didn’t even want to snuggle my babies.

I got a bit more sleep Wednesday, but after waking up to get ready for work I realized I couldn’t do it. My whole body hurt. I still felt like I had shin splints this morning, but my arm was much better. I decided I would go in today. It went well. I’m doing much better today regarding my exhaustion and pain. I have only dozed off for a few moments while watching TV with my family, and I didn’t feel the need to ice my arm. My wrist has been sore, but not terribly so.

My 3 little ones have been quite snuggly since I’ve been home too. I think they missed me a little.

I’m happy I have 4 days to recover before my next shift, but Wednesday morning will come before I will be ready for it.

Here’s an updated picture of the newest addition to our family.

And one more. 🙂


Looking forward to my return to work

When a two year old announces they have pooped… stop what you are doing and change that diaper.

This could happen to you…..

I had my feet up nursing my 9 week old daughter when my two year old son comes to me and announces he has pooped. (verbally and with odor) I told him to give me a few minutes to feed his sister. She was almost finished, and about to fall asleep. He walks away, and comes back without pants. I told him not to take off his diaper. He walked away again, only to come back smelling much worse. Oh no! My power seat could not possibly be slower… there he was at my feet with his covered in poop!

I had to put the baby in her bouncer, then snatch him up to get him in the tub. I also had to find his diaper. I found that with his pants on my bed. Somehow the diaper was open poop side toward the comforter, but didn’t appear to get anything on it. I am washing it anyway, but at least I don’t have to worry about a stain.

I had planned on bathing the 3 little ones today, but not like this.

So, once the two year old was hosed off by the shower I got the tub ready for bath time. The four year old was happy to hop in and play, and the baby got a wash before her nap. I don’t like bathing a baby right after a nursing session, because in the past that has lead to puking. This time I lucked out. If she had puked in the tub with her brothers I would have had a disaster to take care of.

Hunting for poopy footprints was no fun. Luckily most of the flooring he could have been on was laminate. The unfortunate part is the floor and rugs he may have walked on are all brown!

Yup, I might be looking forward to going back to work. I did warn my hubby to take the two year olds announcements seriously. 😛

Back to work

I was released back to work with restrictions. I am not allowed to lift or pull more than 30 pounds.

I spoke with my direct manager today, and he feels we should be able to work around those restrictions in my department.

My H.R. manager however makes me believe I will have to do something else in the building. They have a new program for dealing with people who need accommodations, so I get to be the guinea pig. I was shocked that they would allow me back at all. The program allows for 90 days of temporary light duty, similar to if I had been injured at work. At the end of 90 days you can apply for an extension for another 30 days too.

I hope I don’t have to do boring/tedious work, but at least I will be able to earn some money and keep my baby safe.

I will see how it goes Tuesday morning.

What Was I Thinking?

I have had a rough for me weekend. Two trips out shopping and errand running by myself with the 3 kids, then 2 1/2 hours at the public pool with them today. That trip to the pool was horrible!  It ended with me being slapped in the face by a 2 year old.😣

Thankfully hubby was willing to pick up take out for dinner on his way home from work. I just don’t have any energy left for cooking.

I sort of regret agreeing to work tomorrow, on my normal day off. It isn’t for overtime pay or holiday pay either…just straight pay.😞 I know we could really use the money, but I would LOVE an actual day off this “weekend” . I brought my knitting to the pool today, thinking maybe the 2 year old would just sit in the stroller watching the kids swim…yeah right.😝

The Days Are Just Packed Full

There are so many things going on in my life right now….

Trips to the pool, or lake

Baby getting his first 2 teeth… and therefore extra cranky and demanding. 😉

Projects getting worked on… our new fence is up, except for the gate, and we’re starting to get it painted.

Our ducks are laying up to a dozen eggs a day, so I am trying to think of what to do with them all. I have over 100 fresh eggs right now!

Trying to train a very active puppy, who thinks outside is for playing and inside is for peeing. 😦 We have finally found a leash that she will walk with though. 🙂

All of the regular household chores… getting done enough to make the house livable. 😉

Of course I still have my job to go to, and physical therapy appointments or doctor visits for my shoulder.

With everything that is going on here, sleeping has not been a priority. 3-4 hours on a work night is average, and that makes for a cranky me when I get home. Last night was my night to get some sleep since today is my first of 4 days off of work. Thankfully the baby was good for me last night, so I was able to get about 8 hours of sleep! I woke up feeling pretty rested and ready for another full day. So far that has just consisted of nursing the baby, reading blogs, cleaning up puppy messes, feeding the baby cereal and a couple other minor chores. The plan for today consists of a trip to the pool, taking care of our multitude of pets, washing dishes, doing laundry, more nursing and feeding of the baby of course, preparing homemade baby food batches, cooking something for dinner and possibly some outdoor chores too. I wonder what will actually get done, and I know there should be much more on my list to do. 😉 Obviously writing this blog made it on the list, even though I didn’t have much to say. I just felt like it had been too long since I had written.

I haven’t been keeping any kind of journal for writing about my baby’s growth or new experiences, so I thought having it documented here that his teeth are finally coming in would help me remember this occasion. My oldest had his first teeth pop out around 5 months, and my new little man is going to 8 months old in a few days. I am surprised it has taken so long for them to come in, but yet he is doing other things much sooner than I remember my first doing. I am shocked when my little guy starts climbing on the furniture, and practically pulling himself up and out of his crib. Last night he didn’t want to be in his crib when Mom and Dad had to get to bed, and his head kept popping up over the rail of his crib with his eyes just searching for someone to convince to pick him up. They were so tempting, but I could barely keep my eyes open to watch how cute his sad face was. Either it didn’t take long for him to settle down, or I was just too exhausted to hear him fussing and passed out.


Partially painted fence, and to the right is the area where we will be putting in a little pond.


Another view of the painting progress. We only worked on it for about 1 1/2 hours yesterday. The wood is rough and will get another coat.


Our fenced area (minus the gate) where our pool will be set up.

Our fenced area (minus the gate) where our pool will be set up.


Just a few of the eggs we have been getting. The girls started laying 5/15 and we can’t eat them at the rate they are producing. What can you do with a dozen a day?!