Excited for an actual vacation

I have taken this past week off of work due to my pregnancy complications. It wasn’t a vacation, but I have been taking it very easy. I even managed to read a book. πŸ™‚

Last night we had friends over for dinner and actually made reservations for a camping trip in June.

I am still waiting to have my ultrasound on Tuesday to make sure returning to work Wednesday will be safe, yet here we are putting money down on a trip I hope I will be able to take. May have been premature on our part, but I have been spotting very little over the past few days and am feeling fine. I suppose as long as I take it easy on our trip it won’t matter if I am home or in a camper…right? That is as long as my condition doesn’t worsen and lead to strict bedrest or hospital bedrest.

The husband of the couple we are camping with seems to be like me, and was thinking about things to pack last night on their drive home. The list maker in me wanted to do the same thing.

We have vacationed with the wife and her ex-husband before, but not her new husband and we’ve never camped together. They booked a tent site, and we booked a water and electric site. We don’t rough it in our family. I like to use an electric griddle to make pancakes, and I like to play games by lighting that allows you to see what you’re doing. We have actually brought a mini fridge, tv, and video games camping in the past. Our fridge has since been donated, so we’ll have to survive using coolers and ice.

I am excited to have this new experience with our friends, but super nervous about camping 7 months pregnant with a 3 year old and 1 year old. Just last night the one year old woke up every two hours screeching. My friend said her son who is almost 4 wakes up talking and screaming during the night. We might get kicked out of the campground or we’ll have to sleep in our cars to buffer the sound.

I am happy that we took the plunge and booked the trip. I am such a pessimist and would normally be too nervous making reservations knowing the multiple things that could go wrong in a high risk pregnancy.

The campground we are going to has a fantastic pool attraction for the kids, and nice playgrounds too. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. If we can’t use those amenities it will be sad.


Niagara Falls

What a fantastic trip! The falls are beautiful and awesome! 

The rain poncho on the Maid of the Mist is hard to wear properly with an infant in a carrier attached to you.πŸ˜‰ The baby and I got really wet, but it was so cool to feel the power of horseshoe falls.

This is a picture of the Cave of the Winds. We did this too. The deck closest to the waterfall was called  Hurricane Deck. My 12 year old got on it, and I went right up to it. The deck had moving water rushing across it, so I did not go on it while wearing the baby. 

Here is a view from the top of the falls. The rainbow bridge is in the background. 

We went back to the falls for the 10pm fireworks. The show was pretty impressive for something they do nightly. I was happy that the sound was not as loud as I’m used to, and it didn’t hurt my ears. I didn’t have ear plugs for the kids, and none of them complained. The baby wasn’t scared at all, and seemed to enjoy the show. The 2 year old loved everything! 

The buildings around the falls were lit up at night. My 12 year old really enjoyed looking at all of the buildings and seeing the colors changing on one of them.😊

We also went to the Buffalo Zoo. It was a nice zoo. They were working on some of the exhibits, but there was still plenty to see. They had quite a few gorillas on exhibit. There was a baby and another young one that were adorable. They mature gorillas were impressive. They are huge!

Crafty Deals

This isn’t a spiritual post, just a post to share some deals that my husband and I found.

I came home from work the other day to find that my husband picked out some pretty yarn for me at the thrift store. He found 3 skeins of brand new yarn. 2 still had the paper sleeves. He spent $6. Not a steal, but still a very good price for the type of yarn.

Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

There was a yard sale advertised right down the street from me. The house is very large, and was recently sold, so I assumed it was the family moving out getting rid of stuff they didn’t want to haul away. I was wrong. It was actually the new owners having the sale. I am still not sure if it was stuff they had, or stuff that was left behind, but that doesn’t really matter. I was able to find some crafting supplies pretty cheap. I hate to spend money, but I didn’t want to pass up the deals.

I found 2 large tins of buttons that were $5 each. I know buttons can be pricey, so I snatched them both up. I figured that finding even a few that I loved would be worth the $10. I also found a small box labeled Friendly Plastic for $3. I opened it to take a peek, and saw a ton of plastic strips. I knew they were old, but I figured the box was well worth the $3. I paid for my items, while my son was still browsing. He found himself a brand new plastic boomerang for 50 cents. While he was still looking around the woman selling asked if I knew what Friendly Plastic was, and I said I thought it was for jewelry making, and she said it was and told me a bit about how they had used it, and the water method to heat it. Then she asked if I had seen the Shrinky Dink package she had for sale. I hadn’t seen it, but since I have been trying to find some to use with my son I took that too. It was a pack she had found at a yard sale for $2, with 1 sheet used out of the original 12. She sold me the pack for $1.

Button Tins, Friendly Plastic, Shrinky Dinks etc

Button Tins, Friendly Plastic, Shrinky Dinks etc

As soon as we got home I sat right on my porch digging through the button tins while my son tried his new boomerang. He had some luck with it, and enjoyed using it. I found a bunch of buttons that I really like, and some that I think would be perfect to add to scarves or other yarn projects that I make. I also discovered a crochet hook in one of the tins, and a couple of other non-button items that will be useful for crafting.

My son and I then got right into the Friendly Plastic. I looked up some videos on how to use it. I soon discovered that what I had purchased was very old, and had become “snappers”. The fresh Friendly Plastic is flexible, and can be molded easily after warmed in water, or by using a dry heat such as a griddle, or heat gun. The stuff I bought snapped when bent, and could not be cut with scissors, or it would basically shatter into tiny bits. This did not stop my son and I from trying to have some fun with it though. We heated bits of it up on a foil lined griddle and just had fun making collages out of the different patterns of plastic. πŸ™‚ I also used mini cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the masterpieces we had made. I could see these little shapes being glued onto other craft projects like frames, or even used for jewelry. They might be more fragile than if they had been made with fresh Friendly Plastic, but since the company has stopped making it recently there won’t be much of that left to purchase anyway. πŸ˜‰

My next finds were at a thrift store, where I was rummaging through the craft supplies. I was looking for some knitting needles, and I was able to find some.:) I don’t know how to knit yet, but I figured getting the needles cheap would be the best way to get started. I found a small pair of circular needles(size 8, 29 inch), and a 4 pack of small double pointΒ needles(size 8, 7 inch). I saw 2 other needles that were longer, but I couldn’t find the match for either of them in the bins. 😦 I did find a crochet hook, a flower loom, and a Loopdedoo spinning loom with thread. I paid $3 for all of it! The flower loom ended up being a vintage one from the 1970’s I think. I was looking it up online to see if there were instructions or videos on how to use it. I hadn’t seen a flower loom with 2 rows of pegs before. The loom was marked as a Studio Twelve Flower Loom, which is how I was able to find it was vintage. πŸ™‚ I am excited to start using these items, even though it has taken me a week to get this blog finished. Finding time to do it might be difficult.

Loopdedoo, knitting needles, loom and crochet hook

Loopdedoo, knitting needles, loom and crochet hook

We have also had some new arrivals here that have been getting some attention. We have ducklings! Out of the original clutch of 22 eggs we have had 12 hatch, and 1 is probably going to finish hatching today. That will leave just one more egg in the nest to watch. The other eggs were either not fertile when we candled them, or they had stopped developing. 😦 We did lose one duckling last weekend. It was fine the first day, but then it just became weak, and was separated from the other ducklings that were healthy. It just laid on its back with its eyes closed and it was barely breathing. It’s very sad to see them dying, when you know you can’t do anything to help. We are selling them, so I am trying not to get too attached. They are absolutely adorable though. πŸ™‚

Ducklings. Hard to get a picture while they are moving. ;)

Ducklings. Hard to get a picture while they are moving. πŸ˜‰

I am on a vacation from work right now until August 12th when I will have to go back. 😦

Hopefully I will find time to do some crafting, but more importantly I want to get into my Bible, and work on learning more about God’s plan for me and my family. I have prayed that I will have an opportunity during this vacation to be a light for God and draw people to Him through my interactions with the people I meet on our travels this week. This should be an every day prayer, but I admit that I still get caught up in just trying to get through my day for me and my needs. 😦 I am a work in progress.