Looking forward to my return to work

When a two year old announces they have pooped… stop what you are doing and change that diaper.

This could happen to you…..

I had my feet up nursing my 9 week old daughter when my two year old son comes to me and announces he has pooped. (verbally and with odor) I told him to give me a few minutes to feed his sister. She was almost finished, and about to fall asleep. He walks away, and comes back without pants. I told him not to take off his diaper. He walked away again, only to come back smelling much worse. Oh no! My power seat could not possibly be slower… there he was at my feet with his covered in poop!

I had to put the baby in her bouncer, then snatch him up to get him in the tub. I also had to find his diaper. I found that with his pants on my bed. Somehow the diaper was open poop side toward the comforter, but didn’t appear to get anything on it. I am washing it anyway, but at least I don’t have to worry about a stain.

I had planned on bathing the 3 little ones today, but not like this.

So, once the two year old was hosed off by the shower I got the tub ready for bath time. The four year old was happy to hop in and play, and the baby got a wash before her nap. I don’t like bathing a baby right after a nursing session, because in the past that has lead to puking. This time I lucked out. If she had puked in the tub with her brothers I would have had a disaster to take care of.

Hunting for poopy footprints was no fun. Luckily most of the flooring he could have been on was laminate. The unfortunate part is the floor and rugs he may have walked on are all brown!

Yup, I might be looking forward to going back to work. I did warn my hubby to take the two year olds announcements seriously. 😛


Too many options leads to disaster…or at least a big mess.

Here is a mild example of what happens when I leave my toddler in the play area for 5 minutes while I vacuum another area. At least most of the toys stayed in the bins.;) When we first purchased these bins I sorted his toys and kept them that way for about a week before I gave up.

Clearly we have given him too many options. If you noticed the “wall” of games in the background the same is true in other areas of my family’s life too. The cabinet holds even more games, the ones for younger children and card games that don’t stack in the wall easily. Unfortunately the card games have been found by the toddler and spread around the house a few times. Some had to be tossed since he and the dogs enjoyed chewing on the cards.:(

We have to purge a lot of our board games this week, because we have plans to use the furniture they are piled on to hold something else. We have ordered bull frog tadpoles to grow and release in our pond. We have a 20 gallon aquarium that will need to be set up in that area. We plan on keeping the tank set up after we grow the tadpoles too. Once that project is completed we will purchase a pet or pets for the tank. We are thinking fire belly toads might be an option for us. We had been interested in getting a pixie frog, but we think it may not be active enough to be entertaining. We just love animals. We already have a golden tegu, and a ball python.:)

Having 3 boys in the house, I know I need to have things ready to entertain them, but I think our tendency to shop at thrift stores has caused an over abundance. 

Encouraging Early Learning


My little guy who is two, just loves Mickey Mouse right now. My husband found some Mickey related items while shopping at the dollar store recently, and they just happen to be learning tools too. He found a numbers and counting workbook, a box of shape/color flash cards and a puzzle. When my son was first given the workbook, he was excited to see Mickey, but that was all he was interested in. Then he decided to rip apart the cover of the book, but he kept the inner pages intact.  He spent some time flipping through the pages, talking about the characters in it, or the different items pictured. Finally tonight he has shown some interest to write in it, scribble really.😉 He has been “counting”  for a while now, so I was able to show him pictures of the numbers that he likes to say. He really likes saying one and two. Sometimes he will even count backwards like a countdown. It’s so cute. For some reason he likes the number six. He calls it sick though. He’ll often say “one, two, sick “.

It’s great to have so many products available to teach young children, that are designed with themes that capture their attention. If I had to capture his attention with my own artistic abilities he would never pay attention. 😉

He loved the flash cards too. It took him about twenty seconds to rip open the package and spread the cards all over our livingroom. He will show me a card, so I can tell him the shape and color. I don’t want to pressure him to learn too much, but I am happy to answer his questions. I want him to enjoy the learning process and I want to teach him from observations I make of his interests.

Relaxing by the Fire

I just love sitting with my feet up, watching the fire flickering in my wood stove. The coziness of the warmth and light is just so calming.

Then…. the toddler starts calling me to watch his game he has created. Watching once is not enough. He needs to show me over and over again. I know he’s excited about creating something, and I am very proud of that. 😊 At least the baby is napping peacefully and the big boy is quiet in his room too.

Soon my husband will be home, and we’ll all sit down to dinner with a DVR’d football game. Maybe we’ll get another chance to quietly relax by the fire later. We heat our house with wood, so the opportunity to do so is there when the kids cooperate.😉 It’s also nice to have our new reclining furniture to relax on. I LOVE our new loveseat. It does not have the console that many of the options we looked into had, which means the hubby and I can snuggle with our feet up! I wish there were cup holders somewhere, maybe hidden in the arms. We can only put a table on one side of the loveseat due to the size of our livingroom. It happens to fit on “my side” of the furniture. I say “my side” because when we had a sectional in the space my husband claimed the end and I was in the corner. Without a corner of a couch, that space is where the table fits. The hubby is now wanting to switch positions. Over the years, I’ve grown quite comfortable watching t.v. or playing video games from “my side” and I don’t plan on giving it up.😝

It’s time to add wood to the fire.🔥