Niagara Falls

What a fantastic trip! The falls are beautiful and awesome! 

The rain poncho on the Maid of the Mist is hard to wear properly with an infant in a carrier attached to you.😉 The baby and I got really wet, but it was so cool to feel the power of horseshoe falls.

This is a picture of the Cave of the Winds. We did this too. The deck closest to the waterfall was called  Hurricane Deck. My 12 year old got on it, and I went right up to it. The deck had moving water rushing across it, so I did not go on it while wearing the baby. 

Here is a view from the top of the falls. The rainbow bridge is in the background. 

We went back to the falls for the 10pm fireworks. The show was pretty impressive for something they do nightly. I was happy that the sound was not as loud as I’m used to, and it didn’t hurt my ears. I didn’t have ear plugs for the kids, and none of them complained. The baby wasn’t scared at all, and seemed to enjoy the show. The 2 year old loved everything! 

The buildings around the falls were lit up at night. My 12 year old really enjoyed looking at all of the buildings and seeing the colors changing on one of them.😊

We also went to the Buffalo Zoo. It was a nice zoo. They were working on some of the exhibits, but there was still plenty to see. They had quite a few gorillas on exhibit. There was a baby and another young one that were adorable. They mature gorillas were impressive. They are huge!