First “Week” Back

I have survived my return to work after maternity leave.

My first day back was Wednesday. I got an hour of sleep before I had to get up and prepare for my day. Surprisingly I worked my full 10 hour shift without feeling tired at all. I did get very sore as the day went on.

When I got home I could barely move. I iced my right arm, and passed out on the couch. I was so sore I didn’t even want to snuggle my babies.

I got a bit more sleep Wednesday, but after waking up to get ready for work I realized I couldn’t do it. My whole body hurt. I still felt like I had shin splints this morning, but my arm was much better. I decided I would go in today. It went well. I’m doing much better today regarding my exhaustion and pain. I have only dozed off for a few moments while watching TV with my family, and I didn’t feel the need to ice my arm. My wrist has been sore, but not terribly so.

My 3 little ones have been quite snuggly since I’ve been home too. I think they missed me a little.

I’m happy I have 4 days to recover before my next shift, but Wednesday morning will come before I will be ready for it.

Here’s an updated picture of the newest addition to our family.

And one more. 🙂


Looking forward to my return to work

When a two year old announces they have pooped… stop what you are doing and change that diaper.

This could happen to you…..

I had my feet up nursing my 9 week old daughter when my two year old son comes to me and announces he has pooped. (verbally and with odor) I told him to give me a few minutes to feed his sister. She was almost finished, and about to fall asleep. He walks away, and comes back without pants. I told him not to take off his diaper. He walked away again, only to come back smelling much worse. Oh no! My power seat could not possibly be slower… there he was at my feet with his covered in poop!

I had to put the baby in her bouncer, then snatch him up to get him in the tub. I also had to find his diaper. I found that with his pants on my bed. Somehow the diaper was open poop side toward the comforter, but didn’t appear to get anything on it. I am washing it anyway, but at least I don’t have to worry about a stain.

I had planned on bathing the 3 little ones today, but not like this.

So, once the two year old was hosed off by the shower I got the tub ready for bath time. The four year old was happy to hop in and play, and the baby got a wash before her nap. I don’t like bathing a baby right after a nursing session, because in the past that has lead to puking. This time I lucked out. If she had puked in the tub with her brothers I would have had a disaster to take care of.

Hunting for poopy footprints was no fun. Luckily most of the flooring he could have been on was laminate. The unfortunate part is the floor and rugs he may have walked on are all brown!

Yup, I might be looking forward to going back to work. I did warn my hubby to take the two year olds announcements seriously. 😛

The Time Has Come

Today was just too much. I suffered a new hand pain while working, that I just can’t see fighting through until I have my baby. I had sharp shooting pains in my right hand through my middle finger whenever I grasped or pinched. I need to use those functions constantly. I haven’t felt this pain before, but since I had no hand trauma I have to assume it’s related to my swelling and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I already had an appointment scheduled with my OBGYN today, so I requested that they sign me out of work until after I have my baby. They had no problem doing so, with the symptoms I am having, and the nature of my job and alternative duties my employer has offered. My hand issues are not my only complaints, but they are the most debilitating.

Financially my family will take a hit, but I am only 5 weeks from delivery +-. I will be without any pay for 1 week, then I will receive 60% pay for a few weeks before my full pay maternity leave starts. By full pay, of course that means an average for 6 months to a year… I forget the details of that part. Since I lost a lot of hours during my company’s slow period, and now will have a total of 8 weeks or so of FMLA time used within that period my full pay will not be quite as high as I would like. It’s better than nothing, and I will be allowed more time home with this baby than I have had with any of my other children.

I hope this time out of work before delivery will mean I get some rest, and relief from the swelling in my hands and feet. I will be very busy with regular household activities, and twice weekly doctor appointments but maybe I’ll put my feet up here and there. 😉