Viability and a scare.

We’ve reached the 24 week viability milestone! So, why today of all days does my little girl decide to be still?

I drive to work at 3am, and my commute is nearly an hour. During this time I have been used to my little girl bumping quite a bit. Today however, she was not active. I was stressed all day trying to feel her move. I would feel a light bump here and there that may have been her, but it also could have been my gurgly tummy. I shared my worries with my husband over the phone during my breaks, and of course caused him to worry too.

I worked my whole shift without feeling definitive movements. I did have another hour long commute to sit through and hope that my being still would get her to wake up. I had a cold drink and snack to try to get her moving too.

Finally, I felt movement! I still planned on taking a listen to her with our home Doppler as soon as I got home.

We found her heartbeat fairly easy, and felt some relief. It was such a hard day fearing the worst. I could imagine calling my doctor to tell them how I hadn’t felt movement and couldn’t find her heartbeat. I imagined starting my maternity leave to deliver my deceased baby and recover. Awful thoughts and situations run through your mind when you are pregnant after experiencing loss. I was fortunate today to only imagine the worst, and not have to experience it.

On a happier note, my blood sugars have been great. I was able to cancel my next diabetes appointment, and am only required to check in from time to time by email or phone. 🙂

I will be having ultrasounds every 4 weeks starting in 4 weeks to monitor the baby’s growth. I will also start non-stress tests twice weekly at 32 weeks. That seems early to me, but I will do whatever the doctor suggests.


I have a teenager!

Today my son turned 13. It’s crazy how time flies.

We brought him and his friend to an amusement park. It was opening day for the park, and it happened to be perfect weather. 🙂

The friend he brought was actually his ex-girlfriend. Yeah, she dumped him but they are still best friends. They both agreed dating was more of a high school thing than 7th grade thing. Lol.

They had a great time. It was very hard to keep up with her though. She has way too much energy.

We gave my son his first cell phone, and he was pretty surprised by it. We figured since this was his first year in public school, it might help him keep in touch with his new friends this summer. We are monitoring his apps, even though the service gives him the right to choose to be in charge at 13. He understands why we want to do so, and is happy to comply.

Snow Fun

I hate snow, and cold weather. My 12 year old likes to go out in it, but gets bored so quickly.

A little while ago, my 12 year old told me my 3 year old wanted to go outside. I’m not sure what led to that conversation between them…if my 12 year old had announced he was heading out, or if he asked his younger brother to go outside with him. Either way, the decision was made that they would go out and play. My 3 year old likes to run around the house practically naked though, and just grabbed his boots thinking he was ready. Lol!

We found an old pair of snow pants that were just slightly too big for him, bundled him up and they went out together.

I could hear a lot of happy noises coming from outside, so I went and snapped a few pictures. It’s nice that they can have fun, even with such a huge age gap.

It’s Just A Cold…I Think

My family has been struck with illness. All 5 of us have it to some degree. My oldest son was the first to catch it, and is now the least ill. He only has an occasional cough. I don’t think I had the fever that the kids all had, but maybe I did without realizing. My temperature has been running high now that I’m pregnant anyway. The little ones and I have had nasty coughs. I feel so bad for them, since they haven’t really been able to cough anything out. They both coughed to the point of nearly choking on phlegm, and puking. My poor babies!

My husband was the last to come down with it, and it’s hitting him pretty hard today as he’s working a twelve hour shift. He has to work another tomorrow too.

I don’t think it’s the flu, but it could easily be bronchitis or lead to pneumonia. This chest congestion is awful. I’ve been giving the little ones a mucus thinner, so they can hopefully get the junk out before it settles in and becomes a more serious illness.

It’s especially hard to have the baby this sick, since he isn’t talking yet. He has definitely been extra cranky for a few days.

Cooking and cleaning day

Today I have been busy with chores. I have washed many loads of laundry, baked a cake, loaded and emptied my dishwasher and apparently prepared a dinner nobody wants to try.

Here is a picture of the fudgy banana oat cake I made.

It looks odd, but I think it will be yummy.

Dinner however, looks gross!

This is Creamy Cooker Chicken. The sauce is quite runny, so I have my crock pot set on high with the lid off to thicken it. I’m serving this with pasta and mixed vegetables. Hopefully we will all be surprised, and enjoy it.

Been Busy Living

Life has been hectic lately. The family has been fighting illness, we lost power for 3 days due to a wind/rain storm, the baby has learned to screech and we’ve been spending regular time with our friends.

I also ventured out with my 3 boys to a public event. We watched nerds play with robots! Lol!

They were high school students from New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. My son had heard about the competition in school, and really wanted to go. I was up the day before at 2:30am, and we had guests over until 11:40pm. There was no way I could possibly get up and out of the house for the start of the competition which was 8am. We left the house at 12:15, and made it to the competition by 12:30. It was held at a nearby high school. We stayed until 5pm, and it wasn’t quite finished when we left. We enjoyed what we saw, but since we weren’t really rooting for any particular team we felt ok leaving. It did get my son excited about possibly joining the group when he gets into the school in a couple of years. He wants to learn more now, to be prepared when the time comes. I told him we will look into purchasing some of the build at home kits. He has built a couple, but I am hoping for find some that are a bit more complicated.

My son appreciated me going out of my comfort zone to bring him to this event. It made me happy to see and hear him happy. I wish I didn’t have to drag the babies along, but they handled it pretty well.

Another Birthday Celebrated

My middle child is now 3 years old! If you were to ask him how old he was you might get a different answer. For some reason he wants to be 5. 😛 I told him if he was 5 he’d have to use a toilet instead of diapers. It was wishful thinking to expect him to want to start using the potty like a big boy.😞 I don’t want to force him, and make it so that he sees using the toilet as a stressful, negative experience. I am just so done changing his diapers.😝

We let him choose his own cake. He kept saying he wanted a white cake for his birthday, but when shown several options he chose a blue one.😀 It was a vanilla cake, so he sort of got a white cake.

We don’t really celebrate much, so the only other thing we got him was a remote controlled car that he has been having a lot of fun with.🚘

There happened to be an agricultural fair being held in a neighboring state, so my husband and I brought the 2 little kids to that the day after his birthday while my oldest was in school. The little boys enjoyed seeing the animals, but our oldest would have been so bored. It wasn’t for his birthday, but it was nice to get out and do something special.😊

Now, I am the only one in our family who needs to celebrate a birthday in 2017. Mine is Tuesday. After one more cake we can start eating healthier.😉