A Blanket For My Girl

I like making my babies blankets just for them when they are born. I crochet and knit…very basic skills only. 😉

I had started a knit blanket a while ago for my little girl, but it’s going too slow. I searched for a quick pattern with a tutorial, and I found a crochet one that should work for me. I wanted to use yarn from my stash. The pattern called for a chunky/bulky yarn. I hoped that my Lion brand homespun yarn would be close enough.

I had trouble with the foundation row since the homespun yarn is so fuzzy. I know my edges are going to be wonky since I’ve already made some mistakes. I don’t think the baby will notice, or care.

It is growing quickly, so I am happy so far. Due to my yarn choice I don’t think the finished product will be as big as the example, but it should be a decent car seat blanket. 🙂

Below is an updated picture of my blanket. It has grown so much and will be crib sized after all. I am amazed by how quickly it worked up. Especially since I have a very grabby almost 2 year old and my hands still go numb due to my carpal tunnel.


On my needles

I’m going to turn $2 of thrift store yarn into a neutral winter scarf…if the toddler will stop messing with it. He has already pulled my yarn off the needle once, and I am not a skilled knitter so that was a nightmare for me to fix. ;P

I probably shouldn’t be drinking coffee while I knit with such light yarn either…especially with a 3 year old and 1 year old running around. 😉

I am making some progress. It’s not perfect… I’ve made more than a few mistakes but I’m pretty happy with it.

Been knitting😀

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been knitting dish cloths. I really enjoy working with this yarn, and having an item finished so quickly is quite satisfying. ☺When you have 2 children under 3, an item that knits up quickly is important if you ever want to see a finished product. 😉

You can see that the green one shrunk quite a bit in the wash. It’s not a big deal since I’m using these to wipe up the baby and his high chair at meal times. They don’t have to be huge.😉

I just LOVE the colors I’m working with now.

A New Hobby




Loom hats

Loom hats

I have had a yarn addiction for several years, and I have attempted to crochet, but I have never been very good at reading patterns. I have wanted to make beautiful yarn projects, but have failed most of the time. My husband recently bought me a round loom set, and I am in love! I haven’t made much with it yet, but I am intrigued by the videos I have seen online showing the variety of objects that can be made using these looms.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and holding my crochet hook and yarn would make my hand go numb rather quickly, so any projects I did start would take longer than they should have. I have been able to whip up a few hats pretty quickly on my new looms. I did practice a few different stitches on the last hat I made…the pink/purple one, so I am not actually happy with the result. It was good practice though. As you can see from my photos, I think I could afford to waste a bit of my stash on it. 😉

I know I have written in the past that I don’t have time to get into crafting, but these looms make a project go quickly and I can do it while relaxing on the couch after work which I was already doing anyway. I will also report that my time with my Bible has increased too, but I still need to do better in that area. I have found that I am able to read a bit even on my early work days when I first get up. At 2am the house is usually very quiet. 😉

I will post some pictures of past projects that I have made with crochet. I have several more “hidden” around the house, but this is what was easy to find. 🙂





Bags and hats

Bags and hats

There are also several works in progress stored throughout my house. Many of them have been sitting for years and will most likely be taken apart rather than finished. I hate to take apart hours of my work, but I would rather use the yarn for a new project than have it sit undone.

Getting Crafty Already

So, yesterday my big boy and I started looking for projects to do when we have extra time during the day now that we are getting close to the end of our homeschooling for the year. This morning we are already on project number one…. no schooling done yet today though. How did that happen? The actual project should be quick, but what to do with the finished items will be decided later. If this first attempt goes well, he wants to make a video of the project to post somewhere too. (Video making has been his thing lately.) We are attempting to make fried marbles. I just hope they don’t shatter in my oven. The posts I have seen say that they won’t, but I have terrible luck. The marbles are supposed to break after they are heated and shocked by dropping them into an ice bath, so there is a chance there will be shattered marbles in the bowl we use. I am a bit nervous about doing this project, but the boy is super excited to try it. This is where I originally found this idea. https://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/82325340/ There are more videos and articles about fried marbles if you do a web search. Here are some pictures of the finished product. We used plain, cheap marbles. I imagine if you had better quality/colors these would turn out much nicer.

Fried Marbles

Fried Marbles

Here we have a picture of fried marbles in the top row, and the original marbles below.


The marbles stay smooth on the outside. I am not sure what causes the glass to break inside, and still keep its form. Maybe there is a homeschooling science lesson here after all. 😉 Gotta do some research.

The end is in sight

My son woke up this morning, and wanted to hit the books before breakfast! I was a bit surprised, but since we only have 3 subjects left to get through I understand his enthusiasm. We were so far behind with how busy we have been, but we have caught up and then some. Last year we finished around May 5th. We might be able to finish around that time again this year.

I have been looking into different craft projects that are kid friendly, since we are so close to finishing school but the hours still need to be filled. The weather is still chilly in my area, and the mud season is here too, so outdoor options are limited. We play board games, and video games together, but I want us to get into some projects too. We saw a few options online today that might be fun, but I have many days to fill before swimming season starts and we’re out of the house more than in it. 😉

Do you have any favorite crafts to do with your kids? I have a boy who will be 10 next month, and need to find some things to do with him. He wants to learn to crochet, but since he is left handed I find it super hard to teach him. (I only know a few stitches myself anyway.) I’m thinking I might pick up some artist canvas the next time I head to the craft store so he can do some painting, and some shrink plastic too. He thought the shrink plastic idea was cool, but he is worried about his drawing skills being limited and his project not turning out right. I told him not to worry about that, since it’s just about being creative and unique.