It’s official I’m forty. That is all. 12:21am 10/10/2018


I have a teenager!

Today my son turned 13. It’s crazy how time flies.

We brought him and his friend to an amusement park. It was opening day for the park, and it happened to be perfect weather. 🙂

The friend he brought was actually his ex-girlfriend. Yeah, she dumped him but they are still best friends. They both agreed dating was more of a high school thing than 7th grade thing. Lol.

They had a great time. It was very hard to keep up with her though. She has way too much energy.

We gave my son his first cell phone, and he was pretty surprised by it. We figured since this was his first year in public school, it might help him keep in touch with his new friends this summer. We are monitoring his apps, even though the service gives him the right to choose to be in charge at 13. He understands why we want to do so, and is happy to comply.

Another Birthday Celebrated

My middle child is now 3 years old! If you were to ask him how old he was you might get a different answer. For some reason he wants to be 5. 😛 I told him if he was 5 he’d have to use a toilet instead of diapers. It was wishful thinking to expect him to want to start using the potty like a big boy.😞 I don’t want to force him, and make it so that he sees using the toilet as a stressful, negative experience. I am just so done changing his diapers.😝

We let him choose his own cake. He kept saying he wanted a white cake for his birthday, but when shown several options he chose a blue one.😀 It was a vanilla cake, so he sort of got a white cake.

We don’t really celebrate much, so the only other thing we got him was a remote controlled car that he has been having a lot of fun with.🚘

There happened to be an agricultural fair being held in a neighboring state, so my husband and I brought the 2 little kids to that the day after his birthday while my oldest was in school. The little boys enjoyed seeing the animals, but our oldest would have been so bored. It wasn’t for his birthday, but it was nice to get out and do something special.😊

Now, I am the only one in our family who needs to celebrate a birthday in 2017. Mine is Tuesday. After one more cake we can start eating healthier.😉

He’s One!

My little boy had his first birthday Wednesday.😀

We didn’t really celebrate. We had to have cake though. 😉 We did sing Happy Birthday, but the almost 3 year old was screaming through the whole song. He settled down when I asked him to blow out the candle. I only lit the candle because I had one. I didn’t expect the baby to blow it out.😛

Jacob enjoyed the cake. He squished it in his hands, put it up his nose..down his shirt and in his hair. He got his birthday bath once he stopped eating.

Maybe the toddler will do better with the singing in a couple of weeks when he’s the birthday boy.☺

My Baby Turned 2 Today….But, He’s Not The Baby Anymore

It is my son’s second birthday as I type this blog, but I have a new baby in the house now.

He was born 9/13/16 at 8:12pm. He is my 3rd child, and I thought for sure that he’d be the biggest. He was actually the smallest. He lost more than 10% of his birth weight after he came home, and still hasn’t quite gained it back. 😦

We have never needed to give our babies formula, but this time we have had to. I wasn’t keeping up with my fluid intake while exhausted from lack of sleep, and keeping up with the toddler. I thought he was getting enough milk since he was constantly attached to me, but he didn’t latch well, and fell asleep almost instantly when he nursed. He was a bit jaundiced too, so that makes for a sleepy baby.

We had a lot against us this time around, so it’s been rough. He has finally started gaining weight, and I have been trying to pump as much as possible to increase my milk supply. He still falls asleep while he nurses, so I might just have to pump all of his meals. I have to go back to work in 3 weeks anyway, so I plan on pumping quite often as it is. I want to give him the benefits of breastmilk for at least his first year like I did with his brothers.  I will pump it all if I have to.

It has been wonderful to have my husband home for the past 3 weeks, but it almost seems like we’re seeing less of eachother. I’m constantly tending to the newborn, and he’s been busy with some projects around the house. We both have to tend to the toddler, and other household responsibilities too. Thankfully our 11 year old helps us a lot.

We thought this would be the perfect time to get some home remodeling done, so there have been several trips to gather materials/supplies. That has made these days fly by. We are just getting into the big projects this weekend. I am still tending to the newborn all day, so hubby has been on his own doing a lot of heavy lifting and hard work. We need to turn our 2 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom home to get the 2 babies out of our bedroom. Luckily our bedroom had originally been 2 rooms, so we just have to put the second door where it used to be, and put up a dividing wall. It won’t be as easy as it could have been since when the rooms were combined a slider was put on the outside wall where the rooms met. We have to get a bit creative to keep the slider, and make sure both rooms are large enough for our needs. By the time the 2 young ones are old enough to need more space, our oldest will probably be out on his own. That will give the young ones their own space….unless we have any more children by then. 😉 We do have some ideas to make our house work for an even larger family if the need arises.

So, my “baby” is 2, and really seems huge now that we have an infant in the house. We don’t really celebrate birthdays much. No parties, or gatherings. We do usually have cake, so we’ll probably pick up the family favorite later today while making another trip out to the home improvement store near the grocery store. I wanted to take him somewhere he might have some fun, or do something special for him, but he won’t understand why at this age anyway. I thought we could set up his bounce house outside, but it has been raining. It’s just another day. Our kids are taken on special trips, and given treats year round. I’m sure he won’t disown us later in life if he didn’t go out and “party” on his second birthday.