Possible Thrush and HFMD

Recently we received information from my son’s school regarding an out break of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, or HFMD. My son is in 8th grade, so I didn’t expect that he’d catch it and bring it home to share with us. Of course he did!

He had a high fever around 102 for a couple of days, and pretty much felt terrible with a sore throat. Then he started complaining that his hands and feet were sensitive. He tried to show me spots on his hands, but honestly I didn’t see anything abnormal…. until a rash developed. Then it spread like crazy!

I read up on the illness, and there is no treatment for it besides taking fever and pain relievers. It is also contagious long after symptoms are cleared up. It’s so frustrating to know that kids are allowed to be in school once the fever is gone, even though they are still very contagious.

Having a newborn in my house, this isn’t an illness I want to deal with. My baby has already struggled to gain weight since she was born, if she gets painful mouth sores that make it less likely for her to eat that could lead to serious issues. As it is, my now 4 year old (as of Tuesday) had a fever of 104 last night and has been refusing to eat and drink much due to his sore throat.

My feverish four year old

Throw in what I am pretty sure is a case of thrush for the baby…. and the risk of possible eating problems for her increases greatly.

I called her pediatrician as soon as they opened today, only to wait an hour for them to call and tell me to contact my OBGYN since they can treat both of us. So, I do that right away. Here I sit typing this post 5 hours later without hearing back from them! I tried calling back only to be put on hold for more than 5 minutes, so I hung up. I am doubtful I will have answers to whether we need to be seen or if prescriptions can be ordered any time soon. I hate to feel like I am pestering them, but being Friday with a Monday holiday I really want to get this settled soon.

I suppose another call is about to be made.


I called my OBGYN, only to be told they can’t treat the baby, and won’t treat me until she is diagnosed and on treatment!

Of course I have to call her doctor back and explain what I’ve been told. The person who answers was surprised they weren’t treating the baby and that it was suggested that my doctor treat her. SERIOUSLY!

Now, the doctor who was given my original request was with a patient and so is the doctor who last saw my daughter. I am now anxiously waiting a call from someone from the pediatrician so I can call my doctor back before closing time to get my own treatment. I just wanted to take care of this first thing this morning…I even set an alarm to do so, but yet here I am wondering if a trip to urgent care is my only hope for treatment.


What We’ve Been Up To

Definitely not sleeping!

Our newest addition has struggled to gain weight nursing alone. She has a tiny mouth, lip tie, pushed in chin and shallow latch. She dropped from 7 pounds 6 ounces at birth to 6 pounds 12 ounces before she started gaining weight. She didn’t lose more than the 10% babies are “allowed” to lose after birth, but put her weight back on slower than the doctor likes to see. She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces at her 2 week check up. A little low, but not alarming. We have to go back for a weight check at 3 weeks.

I can nurse her for an hour straight, but she’ll still act hungry and need a top off of either milk I have pumped or formula. So, usually I need to nurse and pump a few times a day to make sure I keep my production up. This leaves very little time for sleeping. She will cluster feed most nights, but even so I have to wake up the hubby so he can bottle feed her at least once during the early morning hours.

When she takes a decent nap (3-4 hours), we have the other kids to care for. There is no napping when you have 3 kids under 4!

The boys have taken to her quite well. They are curious, gentle (usually), and loving. Our almost 4 year old who definitely did not want a sister, doesn’t want to change her into a boy with his green laser anymore. 😛

They aren’t acting jealous of her at all. It’s especially surprising since they’ve been sick with colds, and I’ve refused snuggling to limit her contact with the germs. She is congested now, so my efforts weren’t a complete success.

The past few weeks have just flown by. We had a list of projects to complete while on our leave, and we hoped to get out and have a few fun outings too. Right now it seems as though we look at the clock, and half the day is gone before we have really woken up. Hopefully once the sickness leaves our house, and the baby figures out how to nurse better we will get more rest.

False Hope

I was hopeful that my discomfort last night was the start of labor.

Nope. Just more of my body getting ready.

I have always felt at some point during my pregnancies that labor was starting, only to be disappointed every time.

Being scheduled for induction before my due date has always been a bonus for me though. I hate the discomforts nearing the end of pregnancy and once the baby is considered full term am more than ready to be done.

My first full term pregnancy was induced 4 days prior to my due date and I delivered the next day. So I was 3 days early, then induced and delivered 5 days early for my next term pregnancy, and my last one was scheduled for 39 weeks but moved up a day due to some low blood sugar readings with negative side effects. I delivered my last son 8 days early.

This time around I go in for induction at 38 weeks 6 days again, but in the evening. Unless by some miracle my body has actually started dilation and effacement on its own, I will most likely deliver at 39 weeks exactly.

Her movements inside me have become quite painful, so I’m ready. Going into labor spontaneously last night wouldn’t have been terrible, since our friends were willing to take our 3 sons. If it happens sometime in the next couple of days it will be more challenging. My oldest and their oldest start school Wednesday, and we live about 40 minutes away from each other which would lead to problems with transportation.

So, at this point if I don’t go into labor today, and make it out of the hospital by Tuesday our best scenario would be for my body to respond as usual and be forced into labor as scheduled Thursday evening. My oldest doesn’t have school Friday, so it works out perfectly for our kids to stay at their house.

Only time will tell if things stay on schedule.

Am I in labor?

Who knows? Not me. You would think being my fourth pregnancy to make it full term that I’d know for sure. Nope.

I had an nst today, and had a lot of discomfort as my baby squirmed around. I didn’t feel like I was having contractions though. The doctor said I had some, and asked if I felt them. I said I didn’t really, but didn’t mention how uncomfortable I was during her movements.

The doctor asked if I wanted her to check me, but I said no. With my history of being high and tight up until induction I didn’t think she needed to.

Now, I’m wishing I had let her check. I would be able to interpret my current discomfort a little better. I don’t want to go to the hospital, stay for an hour or so only to be told I’m not in labor yet. I also don’t want to wait too long and not make it to the hospital in time.

I’m just going to try and sleep now. If things get too uncomfortable I’ll have to get checked, and poor hubby will just have to miss work. 😉

A Big Day

Today is a big day for us. Our final growth scan before delivery is today.

I am a bit fearful that she will be a BIG girl. During our last scan at 32 weeks she measured 32 weeks 5 days which put her in the 86th percentile. She was estimated to weigh 4 pounds 10 ounces. My guess for today is 7 pounds 7 ounces. I won’t be induced until 8/30/18, so she still has more time to grow.

I am not too worried that there will be any concerns discovered during this ultrasound, but there is a bit of worry brewing.


She looked good, nothing to worry about. Her size was pretty close to my guess at 7 pounds 4 ounces. 🙂

Looks Like I’m In A Two Week Wait

I know that my title might seem more like a trying to conceive title, but actually I’m two weeks from delivery. I had my 37 week appointment today, and my doctor will be contacting the hospital today to schedule my 39 week induction. She thinks we will have our best chances of an opening in the schedule if we plan to start things Thursday the 30th, and deliver Friday the 31st. (She is being selfish, since she is on call that Friday) I told her that’s fine with me, since I am familiar/comfortable with her. She delivered my youngest.

It’s getting very real all of a sudden. Time is flying by. We have a growth scan scheduled for next Tuesday, which I am very nervous about. This baby feels HUGE, and has measured bigger than my other 3 during scans so far. Who knows, maybe if they see that she is bigger than expected they’ll move my induction date even closer. 😉

I’m feeling ready to be done, but nervous about her arrival at the same time. I feel confident that I know what to expect regarding induction and delivery since this will be my fourth induction. I do realize that emergencies do arise, and my expectations may turn into completely new experiences for me like some sort of assisted delivery or surgery. I might feel panicked if that happens, but being a worst case scenario person I am as mentally prepared as I can be.

Or, things could be a total surprise and I could go into labor naturally. That would really throw me off. This baby is moving so much it feels as though there is a wrestling match going on inside of me. I have had so many scans, that I know there is only one baby though. If she’s not wrestling a sibling, she must be trying to escape. 😉

I had my group b strep test done today, the induction is being scheduled, our friends who will be watching our 3 children while I’m in the hospital have been notified of the plan and I believe we have everything we need for her arrival. Nothing left to do but wait it out, and of course go to all of my scheduled appointments.