Viability and a scare.

We’ve reached the 24 week viability milestone! So, why today of all days does my little girl decide to be still?

I drive to work at 3am, and my commute is nearly an hour. During this time I have been used to my little girl bumping quite a bit. Today however, she was not active. I was stressed all day trying to feel her move. I would feel a light bump here and there that may have been her, but it also could have been my gurgly tummy. I shared my worries with my husband over the phone during my breaks, and of course caused him to worry too.

I worked my whole shift without feeling definitive movements. I did have another hour long commute to sit through and hope that my being still would get her to wake up. I had a cold drink and snack to try to get her moving too.

Finally, I felt movement! I still planned on taking a listen to her with our home Doppler as soon as I got home.

We found her heartbeat fairly easy, and felt some relief. It was such a hard day fearing the worst. I could imagine calling my doctor to tell them how I hadn’t felt movement and couldn’t find her heartbeat. I imagined starting my maternity leave to deliver my deceased baby and recover. Awful thoughts and situations run through your mind when you are pregnant after experiencing loss. I was fortunate today to only imagine the worst, and not have to experience it.

On a happier note, my blood sugars have been great. I was able to cancel my next diabetes appointment, and am only required to check in from time to time by email or phone. 🙂

I will be having ultrasounds every 4 weeks starting in 4 weeks to monitor the baby’s growth. I will also start non-stress tests twice weekly at 32 weeks. That seems early to me, but I will do whatever the doctor suggests.



At 18 weeks pregnant, with a cerclage in place I am bleeding. I got up for my morning restroom visit, to discover bright red blood. It was there when I wiped, but I don’t seem to have active, heavy bleeding.

I called the oncall doctor, who said they would check for a heartbeat, but at 18 weeks they can’t do anything. I already found her heartbeat before calling, so now I am just supposed to take it easy this weekend. If my bleeding or symptoms worsen, like if I developed cramping then I need to call back to be seen at the hospital.

I was not looking forward to getting myself and 3 kids ready for a trip to the hospital this morning, but I want to be reassured that my cerclage hasn’t failed. If I should be restricting my time up on my feet I want to know that.

My 1 1/2 year old son was climbing and practically jumping on my belly this morning when he woke at 2am, and my job required and excessive amount of bending/heavy lifting yesterday. I really hope my stitch hasn’t torn. I have to be prepared for the possibility of being pulled out of work. I’d like to know if that’s where I am at before Monday.

It’s Just A Cold…I Think

My family has been struck with illness. All 5 of us have it to some degree. My oldest son was the first to catch it, and is now the least ill. He only has an occasional cough. I don’t think I had the fever that the kids all had, but maybe I did without realizing. My temperature has been running high now that I’m pregnant anyway. The little ones and I have had nasty coughs. I feel so bad for them, since they haven’t really been able to cough anything out. They both coughed to the point of nearly choking on phlegm, and puking. My poor babies!

My husband was the last to come down with it, and it’s hitting him pretty hard today as he’s working a twelve hour shift. He has to work another tomorrow too.

I don’t think it’s the flu, but it could easily be bronchitis or lead to pneumonia. This chest congestion is awful. I’ve been giving the little ones a mucus thinner, so they can hopefully get the junk out before it settles in and becomes a more serious illness.

It’s especially hard to have the baby this sick, since he isn’t talking yet. He has definitely been extra cranky for a few days.

A little surprise

I was waiting for my cycle to arrive since the 28th of December. I was prepared for it, carrying my supplies with me while I worked. I would go to the restroom, expecting to see the first signs…but nothing. Then, I had some faint brown discharge. Oh oh, that’s my first symptom of pregnancy. I cancelled a visit with our friends on January 2nd, and since hubby and I didn’t feel like cooking we ordered take out. I asked my husband to pick up a test on his way home, but he forgot to. After we had dinner he went to the Dollar General which is just 5 minutes away from our house to get a test. I didn’t take it that night, but first thing the next day 1/3/18 I did. The above picture was the result I saw. I woke my husband right away to have him see the result. It was around 2:30 in the morning, and we were both quite shocked.

I went to work shortly after that. While I was at work my husband went out and purchased a digital test. So, when I got home from work I took the digital test. My husband and I stood over the test while it was working waiting to see the word or words appear. When this result appeared…

my husband dropped to his knees. We have 3 children right now. A 12 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old. When this new baby arrives, the baby will be about 2 weeks shy of 2, and the now middle child will be a month shy of 4. 4, 2 and new sort of scares me. Lol!

We have a small home, so trying to fit another child in our home will be a challenge. Everything will work out, but I can’t say it won’t be stressful.

I have already had 2 beta hcg tests, and a progesterone screening. My first hcg result was 812, which is normal for the 5 weeks along I should be. My progesterone level was a little over 17, which is normal for this stage of pregnancy too. 

I took the second hcg test today, and should receive results in the morning. I won’t be shocked if my level doesn’t double since it wasn’t even 48 hours between tests. I do hope it goes up though.

I have several complications during pregnancy to deal with, so I am in a bit of a state of denial. I have to deal with early onset gestational diabetes, cervical incompetence, and low progesterone.

The cervical incompetence requires a surgery around 12 weeks. I have actually considered not having it done, because I have needed to be induced every time I have had the surgery. I did lose my first child, when I dilated prematurely and my water broke. That is why I have had the surgery for my subsequent pregnancies. It’s just a lot to worry about.

I am excited, and have felt that I would have another child some day. I’m getting old though, and will be a month shy of 40 when this baby is due.

No Longer Nursing

The time has come. I have stopped breastfeeding my little guy. 😦

It has been hard for me the past couple of days. I am not having any discomfort, because my supply had dropped already. When I am gone all day, then come home to him the temptation to nurse him has been strong. I just want my snuggle time with him. He was always soothed easily by nursing when he was upset too.

This morning he was awake around 4am, and very cranky. I would normally bring him to bed to nurse and either keep him with me for a couple of hours or put him back to bed when he fell asleep. Instead, I warmed him a bottle of milk. It was very tough to do when I was completely exhausted, and knew we could both just doze while he nursed.

He has been drinking whole milk, juice and water from bottles or sippy cups for quite a while anyway. He is doing fine. He did seem to grab at my shirt/chest the other day after work, but it may have been my imagination. 😉

He’s One!

My little boy had his first birthday Wednesday.😀

We didn’t really celebrate. We had to have cake though. 😉 We did sing Happy Birthday, but the almost 3 year old was screaming through the whole song. He settled down when I asked him to blow out the candle. I only lit the candle because I had one. I didn’t expect the baby to blow it out.😛

Jacob enjoyed the cake. He squished it in his hands, put it up his nose..down his shirt and in his hair. He got his birthday bath once he stopped eating.

Maybe the toddler will do better with the singing in a couple of weeks when he’s the birthday boy.☺

Oh What A Night/Morning This Is Going To Be

Around 8 pm hubby was getting tired. He had been up since 3:30 this morning, and worked 11 1/2 hours with an hour commute on each end of that, so I suppose being tired was warranted. 😉 I thought well, I can’t go to sleep now. The toddler was “napping”. He had been cranky around 5:30, so I put him in his crib with a movie to watch so I could get some things done before dinner. He fell asleep, like I knew he really needed to. 

I should have woken him up for dinner, but the house was peaceful. 😉 I just didn’t think to wake him, and when I did think about it, I also thought he might just sleep through the night. 

I had put the baby to bed around 8, and then the rest of the family just hung out in the livingroom using devices and watching tv. Hubby did fall asleep on the couch, but around 10 I woke him to go to bed. I guessed that the toddler would wake up as soon as I decided to lay down, but no, it was the baby who woke up as soon as my teeth were brushed. I took him to bed with me, so I could nurse him and get some rest. He ate for about 30 minutes then fell asleep. I figured it would be too risky to take him to his crib, since he shares a bedroom with the toddler. I really wanted to get at least 2 hours of sleep. Lately the baby has been up every 2-3 hours to nurse. The baby slept on my chest, and I tried to fall asleep. Around 11:15 the toddler was calling out a request for pizza through the monitor.:(

It was time to carry the baby to bed, and switch to toddler mode. 😉 I changed his diaper, got him a drink and made him a pizza. He’ll be up for hours. 😦 

So, he’s got Paw Patrol on, a couple of toys to play with and his tablet…he can’t just focus on one thing. Especially his “dinner”, he’s only had a few bites of that pizza he was calling for as soon as he woke up. 

My eyes are feeling heavy, and I just want to pass out. I don’t have a set time to be up, but we have a busy day ahead of us, and I wanted to be well rested. I guess that won’t be happening. 😛 We have to go to the library,  drop the car off at a garage, pick up a rental car and grocery shop. We would like to get everything done early, to be home at a reasonable time. The library was to be our first stop, and they don’t open until 10am, so I suppose I could still manage to get a few hours of sleep. I’m hoping the toddler will be satisfied with his meal soon, and happy to go back to his room if I offer another movie. We’ll see. Until then, I guess I will just read some blogs.