Big Boy Underpants

Today was the day to try another potty training method. Our friends had luck with their son by switching to underwear and training by the feeling of wet/dirty underpants to motivate him to use the toilet.

My son woke up with a dry diaper after having slept nearly 12 hours. I figured if he could do that he must be ready. I put him on the toilet, but he got down. He ended up peeing on the bath mat while we were discussing options. I got his new underwear and as he excitedly put them on I told him he needed to tell me if he felt the need to pee or poop. Not long after our chat, there was some screaming. He peed his pants, and did not like it. I brought him to the toilet to finish, and he was more receptive than earlier.😊 He is wearing another pair of underwear now, so hopefully he’ll remember he can’t comfortably pee in them and want to use the toilet again.

Well, I had to pause to deal with the second accident. It was pee again, and not much time had passed since the first accident. 😞 I asked him if he wanted a diaper or underwear, and he said underwear. I hope I can avoid another accident. I guess we’ll just head to the toilet every 20 minutes or so.


Another Car AccidentΒ 

My husband was leaving work yesterday, while still in the parking lot he had an accident. 😞

Where we work there are designated travel directions in the parking lot, and you have to back out of your parking spot. As my husband was traveling in a lane, a car backed out without looking. My husband honked his horn, but the car kept coming. He swerved to avoid being hit, only to hit a parked truck. 

The driver who backed out without looking did stop, but never got out of his vehicle. He said it was his fault,  then drove away! The incident was caught on camera by the security system and the person who viewed the tape said it happened just as my husband described. The person who owns the truck he hit handled the situation well, but my husband could tell he was annoyed. Who could blame him? His vehicle was parked and he was working. 

My husband was able to drive home after he and someone from work taped up parts that would have rubbed the tire. I never would have risked driving it, and possibly have the tire blow out. Men are stubborn like that though. πŸ˜‰

Here are some pictures of the damage.

We’ve only had this car 3 months! We bought it to replace the one I totalled when I hit a patch of ice and spun off the road into a tree. This car should not be considered totalled since it’s newer, but it will be an expensive fix.

I think the driver who backed out without looking should be held responsible, but their vehicle never hit ours. If my husband didn’t naturally swerve, and just let the car back into him this would be his responsibility. The police can’t even hold him accountable for leaving the scene. 

Since there is video evidence I’m sure my insurance company will hold them accountable if they can.

Thankfully nobody was injured…. well, my husband did cut his hand while taping the fender so he could drive home. πŸ˜’ It was a minor injury though.

We will have to bring the car to a garage Tuesday, and pick up a rental. Right now I am stranded with the kids for a couple of days. There’s no way I’m going to risk driving that car, and hubby had to take our second vehicle to work. He better not have another careless driver cause another accident. 

I had to replace this

0118171551b.jpg0118171551.jpgThis is what my car looked like at the salvage yard. It had been there during a snowstorm, and they move them with forklifts so that’s why it’s snow covered. My fender and hood were smashed together, so both of those pieces needed to be replaced. I didn’t realize at the time, but the impact must have caused my windshield to crack too. My side view mirror and driver door needed replacing too. So, the cost of the repairs became too high compared to the value of my 2007 Hyundai Elantra with over 187,000 miles on it.

After insurance compensation, and taking out a loan I replaced my car.

I bought a car 5 years newer with a lot less miles.πŸ˜‰ I decided to purchase another Hyundai Elantra, but this time it was the limited version. I even bought another silver one. It was what was available, I wasn’t specifically searching for one.

So far, I am enjoying my new car. It is very comfortable, with heated leather seats to warm me up on cold mornings. I haven’t figured out all of the features yet. It has a large display for the navigation system and back up camera. I am still nervous driving since my accident. Especially when the roads appear wet, and the temperature is near freezing. πŸ˜’ This car is very similar to the car I was driving for over 9 years without incident, so the transition has been smooth. The rental I had was very nice, but there were some things that were hard to get used to. The placement of cup holders and window controls annoyed my husband and I. I did like the digital speedometer though.

I hate that an accident forced me to purchase a new vehicle before I planned to, but I’m very happy with it.πŸ˜€