Been knittingπŸ˜€

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been knitting dish cloths. I really enjoy working with this yarn, and having an item finished so quickly is quite satisfying. ☺When you have 2 children under 3, an item that knits up quickly is important if you ever want to see a finished product. πŸ˜‰

You can see that the green one shrunk quite a bit in the wash. It’s not a big deal since I’m using these to wipe up the baby and his high chair at meal times. They don’t have to be huge.πŸ˜‰

I just LOVE the colors I’m working with now.

Baby’s First Whale Watch

We went on a whale watch yesterday. We brought my oldest son’s friend with us. 

We saw a harbor porpoise and some harbor seals pretty quick into the trip, but then there was a long boring stretch. We saw a few minke whales and a pod of atlantic white sided dolphins. The dolphins were the best part of the trip. They actually interact with the boats, and the wake they make. We saw some baby dolphins swimming alongside their mommas.

Sorry I didn’t get pictures of the wildlife,  but it’s hard to wear a baby and take pictures on a moving boat.πŸ˜‰

I did feel a little sea sick, even though I took medication. 😞 The baby was the only one who threw up though. All over me of course.😝

I almost forgot to mention that we saw the crew of the Pinwheel from “Wicked Tuna”working on their boat at the dock. My hubby got some pics of that. As we were heading out, they we’re getting ice loaded onto their boat. We were hoping to have them catch up to us so we could actually see them fishing out on Jeffrey’s Ledge, but they were still at the docks when we returned. We did see several tuna boats, but nobody actually fighting any fish.😞

A local celebrity. πŸ˜€

A Good Counselling Session

So, we just had a visit with my son’s counsellor and it went very well. My son announced that he didn’t feel he needed to go anymore. This is a huge change from the kid who didn’t think an hour a week would be enough. 

Honestly we all feel that his thyroid medication has leveled out and made a huge impact on his thoughts and moods. He still over thinks situations,  but we just want to make sure he doesn’t blame/ punish himself when over thinking. πŸ˜‰ His thoughts of harming others, or himself have pretty much disappeared. The only ones he might still have are “normal” during moments of frustration. He has been able to deal with his brothers much better, and without thoughts of hurting them. He actually wonders if what he confessed to actually happened. He thinks he may have just been exaggerating situations. I feel the same way. I never witnessed him hurting his brothers, or any signs that he had. The boys do have bruises from time to time, but they are clumsy boys.

We are taking next week off, then going in the following week to make sure he’s still doing as well and feeling like we can deal with any issues together as a family.

We have normal 12 year old discipline issues to focus on, but other than that I think we are able to put these issues behind us. I think we need to be vigilant so that feelings aren’t suppressed and handled improperly. 

It’s a good day!πŸ˜€

A Better WeekendΒ 

AHHH! Finally, a bit of relaxation. πŸ˜‰

I was able to get some yard work done Saturday…things that have been put off for too long. We had some leaves in a few areas of our property that sat way longer than they should have. So long in fact, that they started to compost! YIKES! 

I found so many worms. I kept some to use for fishing, and fed a lot to my ducks. The ducks were very happy to have them. There were plenty more that just ended up being relocated to the leaf piles along the edge of our property. If they only knew how lucky they were. πŸ˜‰

I was also able to clean up our patio by our swimming pool. Our table was littered with the pool floats that were never stored for the winter, leaves and various pool attachments. Trash was tossed, and the good items were stored properly. Now the table is clean and ready to hold my drinks and knitting while the oldest has his friend over to swim. This area had a lot of leaves to be moved too, but they are gone and the area actually looks welcoming. πŸ™‚

The house got a bit of a tidying up yesterday with a good amount of help from my 12 year old. He picked up so many baby toys that were strewn about our living area. The 2 year old almost never puts his toys away. This is something that we really need to work on. When my oldest was hospitalized, the 2 year old was very good about putting toys away in the hospital toy room. Unfortunately that behaviour did not carry over to his homelife. 😦

I have been knitting dishcloths lately, and am very pleased with how quickly they knit up. I was able to work on one while watching some Texas Flip N’ Move yesterday, and I hope to do more later. (Knitting and watching if there are new episodes on my DVR.) I found a bag of Sugar and Cream yarn at a thrift store recently and it’s my new favorite. I really like how it feels when I work with it. 

I might get out and do some more yard work today. My husband mowed most of our property last night after work, so if I can get out and take down the trees that are growing from our stumps the yard will look much more inviting. I’d love to get some stump grinding done, but we can’t afford that right now. 

This was a random post, as things popped into my head…sorry for that. I hope that today actually turns out to be as relaxing as I imagined it could be without set chores or errands to run. The baby needs me right now, so we’ll see how it goes. πŸ˜‰ 

What Was I Thinking?

I have had a rough for me weekend. Two trips out shopping and errand running by myself with the 3 kids, then 2 1/2 hours at the public pool with them today. That trip to the pool was horrible!  It ended with me being slapped in the face by a 2 year old.😣

Thankfully hubby was willing to pick up take out for dinner on his way home from work. I just don’t have any energy left for cooking.

I sort of regret agreeing to work tomorrow, on my normal day off. It isn’t for overtime pay or holiday pay either…just straight pay.😞 I know we could really use the money, but I would LOVE an actual day off this “weekend” . I brought my knitting to the pool today, thinking maybe the 2 year old would just sit in the stroller watching the kids swim…yeah right.😝

A Quick Update

I just wanted to pop on here to say things are going much better with my son. We are still hitting some bumps in the road, but overall things are very good. 😊

We really feel the thyroid medication has helped significantly. He hasn’t learned many coping skills at therapy yet, but his thoughts have gone from violent to mostly just negative words. He said he hasn’t been having any thoughts of harming himself. The thoughts he is still dealing with are happening less and less and they go away quickly. 

He tends to dwell on things, question his motives and he gets pretty anxious when he’s being questioned.  That last one us completely understandable. Nobody likes being questioned about “bad” things going on.

That’s all I have time for now, but I’ll try to write more often. πŸ˜‰

Mental Health Update

I should have posted this before my post titled Starting our Journey. Oops.

My son was admitted to the state psychiatric hospital on Friday 5/26, which just happened to be a Holiday weekend. That meant he only met the doctor who would be treating him briefly and had to wait until the following Tuesday to actually meet his team of providers and start treatment. He spent the weekend being what I would consider babysat. He was asked how he was feeling,  but had no therapy or group counseling all weekend. He did spend time with the other kids in his unit. They used the playground, played in the gym and watched movies. He didn’t like the way the other kids behaved, and did not feel like he belonged there. 

When Tuesday finally arrived he met with his doctor briefly and participated in 2 group sessions. His assigned social worker called me at 11am that day saying they were ready to discharge him. I was a bit surprised, since the people we were dealing with from the other hospital were so convinced he was a suffering child who needed intense in-patient treatment. The actual professionals in the field felt how my husband and I had started to feel, which was that although the thoughts my son is having are disturbing,  he doesn’t seem likely to act on them.

The hospital contacted a therapist who works with children in our area, and made an appointment for us. This was the appointment I discussed in my previous post. 

So, my son is home, and still dealing with his bad thoughts but heading in the right direction to get better.😊

He’s struggling with the chaos that is life with 2 young children in a small house, but I’m no longer worried he’ll let his frustration lead to harming his brothers. He still tries to parent, but my husband and I are stepping in to keep him from taking on that role. He likes to be in a position of authority over them, but if it’s going to lead to him being angry/frustrated he needs to know when to leave parenting to us parents. πŸ˜‰