What Was I Thinking?

I have had a rough for me weekend. Two trips out shopping and errand running by myself with the 3 kids, then 2 1/2 hours at the public pool with them today. That trip to the pool was horrible!  It ended with me being slapped in the face by a 2 year old.😣

Thankfully hubby was willing to pick up take out for dinner on his way home from work. I just don’t have any energy left for cooking.

I sort of regret agreeing to work tomorrow, on my normal day off. It isn’t for overtime pay or holiday pay either…just straight pay.😞 I know we could really use the money, but I would LOVE an actual day off this “weekend” . I brought my knitting to the pool today, thinking maybe the 2 year old would just sit in the stroller watching the kids swim…yeah right.😝


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