Mental Health Update

I should have posted this before my post titled Starting our Journey. Oops.

My son was admitted to the state psychiatric hospital on Friday 5/26, which just happened to be a Holiday weekend. That meant he only met the doctor who would be treating him briefly and had to wait until the following Tuesday to actually meet his team of providers and start treatment. He spent the weekend being what I would consider babysat. He was asked how he was feeling,  but had no therapy or group counseling all weekend. He did spend time with the other kids in his unit. They used the playground, played in the gym and watched movies. He didn’t like the way the other kids behaved, and did not feel like he belonged there. 

When Tuesday finally arrived he met with his doctor briefly and participated in 2 group sessions. His assigned social worker called me at 11am that day saying they were ready to discharge him. I was a bit surprised, since the people we were dealing with from the other hospital were so convinced he was a suffering child who needed intense in-patient treatment. The actual professionals in the field felt how my husband and I had started to feel, which was that although the thoughts my son is having are disturbing,  he doesn’t seem likely to act on them.

The hospital contacted a therapist who works with children in our area, and made an appointment for us. This was the appointment I discussed in my previous post. 

So, my son is home, and still dealing with his bad thoughts but heading in the right direction to get better.😊

He’s struggling with the chaos that is life with 2 young children in a small house, but I’m no longer worried he’ll let his frustration lead to harming his brothers. He still tries to parent, but my husband and I are stepping in to keep him from taking on that role. He likes to be in a position of authority over them, but if it’s going to lead to him being angry/frustrated he needs to know when to leave parenting to us parents. 😉


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Update

    • Thank you. Right now it’s hard to know what’s normal 12 year old behavior that needs discipline and what he might not have control over.😒


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