A lost identification 

I have to hand in my driver’s license when I visit my son. When I finished my visit today, guess what was missing. Yup, my driver’s license! 

Upon entering the building, bags are checked you go through a metal detector and you turn over your id. When you leave you hand in your visitor sticker and retrieve your id. Mine was no where to be found. My guess is that they gave it to the wrong visitor, who just didn’t notice. Luckily my husband’s was not missing too.

I made sure they knew I would be returning tomorrow for another visit, and that My driver’s license is my only photo id. 

They better find it, or pay for a replacement. I hope I don’t get pulled over driving before that happens. 


*Update: My license was found on the floor in another room. Apparently when the person who takes the ids goes to break, they give the ids to an officer in another room in case visitors leave during that time. I’m happy my license wasn’t given to another person by mistake, and that I don’t have to go to the DMV to replace it.😀 It was still frustrating to go a day worrying about where it was, and what I needed to do.


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