How Our Garden Grows

We don’t have a huge yard, but we like to get out in it. Since having a baby in the fall of 2014, and another in the fall of 2016 admittedly our yard has suffered. We have lots of leaves to move, and we plan on moving our current vegetable garden. 

We have daffodils, lillies, irises, and hosta plants that do well where they are. Unfortunately we have had trouble with some of our trees. We lost an awesome pear tree after a transplant one year, our flowering dogwood that was new last year didn’t survive the winter, and we’ve lost a crab apple too. My magnolia has never done well,and is just puny. We have decided to purchase a different variety of magnolia in the future from a nice nursery. We just need to save $175.00 for that purchase.😉

This is my pathetic magnolia.😞

We have a couple of lilac plants, some holly bushes, azaleas, rhodedendrons, a concord grape vine and a few more miscellaneous plants around the property. This year we will be adding some more grapes, since the concord variety aren’t great for snacking on, and we will try to grow kiwi again. I forgot to mention we lost 2 kiwi plants in the past too. It’s very sad to lose plants, almost as sad as losing a pet, since they bring us such joy when they thrive. 😞

This is my grapevine,  which we moved from the area by our strawberry plants. It seems to be doing well so far.

Here is our peach tree with some blossoms. 😀

Here is one of our apple trees.

We now know we need to prepare our soil better to supply plants with what they need, and we need to make sure we plant them with sufficient sun/shade.

I want to plant a few veggies this year, but with 2 little ones I don’t know if we can get a garden ready in time. Outdoor planting in our area will probably be safe to do in just a couple of weeks. I have asparagus and strawberry plants that need to be moved out of the current garden that has been dismantled. 

My asparagus plants are in a row lined up with the little arborvitae shrub. The strawberries are in a row in front of those, and the newest retaining wall/garden area my husband built is in front of them.

Right now I just have to remind the boys not to walk through the asparagus area, because only a couple of shoots have popped up so far. The strawberries are much more visible and easy to avoid.

My husband built this bridge and these stone steps to cross the ditch separating our driveway and garden area.

We have so many projects that we’d like to work on. We have lumber to build a tree house for the boys… it’ll be a get away for the 11 year old mostly. We have a pool to fill/clean, rocks to move, stumps to cut back lower to the ground, a fire pit to build and basic tidying up to do.


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