Sick Kiddos :(

I have 3 sick kids. 😦

My 11 year old son had an outing planned with his friend last week. His mother let me know the day before, that her son was getting over a cold. She said he only had a lingering cough, and no longer had a fever. Since this outing had already been post poned multiple times I went against my gut instinct to keep my son home and allowed him to go.  I warned him not to get too close, and to make sure he washed his hands often. So, he was picked up around 10:30 am, and his father and I picked him up at 4:00 that day. How many times did he wash his hands in that time? ZERO! He was at a NERF club too.  Who knows how many of those kids were also sick, or getting over an illness? 

I asked, “Didn’t you wash your hands before you ate lunch?” Of course not, he’s 11 and didn’t think to. (Even though I told him to before he left.) To make matters worse he tells me that his friend’s older sister was sick and miserable laying around on the couch while he was there. His mother didn’t mention that her daughter was in the middle of this illness. She did however tell my son that her daughter didn’t have a fever, therefore was not contagious. He knew better, and assumed she was contagious. It didn’t keep him from being infected though. 😦 He has since spread the illness to his brothers. His dad seems to have it a bit too. So far I appear to be healthy, but I have sneezed a few times.

I ALWAYS tell her if my kids, or anyone in my family is sick before we have the boys get together. I want her to be able to make an informed decision about what risks she is willing to take. It infuriates me when she does not give me that same opportunity. If her son was not my son’s best friend I would have ended this relationship long ago. I really have trouble expressing my feelings. I don’t know how to get her to respect my need to make informed decisions, and keep my son’s friendship intact. My son said he would have skipped NERF club to keep his 6 month old brother healthy. He feels so bad that he is so congested and miserable. (He also can’t stand his inconsolable crying fits.)

She also questions my son about our homeschooling curriculum. She homeschools also, and apparently doesn’t like how we do it. She doesn’t say it to us though. So, when my son tells us about how he is being grilled by her we don’t hold back on how we don’t do things her way either. Unfortunately our lack of filter (mostly mine) leads to him jumping in, and going on and on about all of the “crazy” rules she has for her family that he doesn’t agree with. I do tell him that it is her right to raise her family how she sees fit, and he needs to respect her rules when he is there.

I really don’t want to confront her, because we differ on many areas of life. I really don’t want to blow up in her face. πŸ˜‰ I have trouble bottling up my emotions. 

My baby is miserable, my 2 year old was coughing so hard he threw up last night and my 11 year old has been sick for days. We do go out into the world and come into contact with germs we aren’t aware of, but I try to avoid known germs whenever possible. I could have avoided all of this by trusting my gut. 😦   


4 thoughts on “Sick Kiddos :(

  1. Valerie says:

    Ugh, I’m so sorry. I am not even going to talk about your son’s friend’s mom, but grrr….
    I’ve had that guilt before, going somewhere or doing something that was (however slightly) risking illness. It’s been awhile since I did it because I now literally fear my kids getting sick due to my boys’ dangerous asthma reactions, but I have done it! (((hugs)))
    How are they doing now?


    • They are all still sick, but it’s not too bad. I started feeling it yesterday myself, and my husband woke up with it this morning. I really don’t think it was worth it for my son to play for a few hours, to have days and days of sickness for our whole family. 😞 I am not sure if I would have forced him to stay home even if I knew the sister was sick. He was really looking forward to it. I just would have preferred to know, and really make sure my son knew to try his best to avoid it.

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