A cruel April fool’s joke

This is just not right!

Seriously though, my husband had to drive to work in these conditions around 3:30 this morning. The roads had not been maintained well, and he went down a hill sideways in our SUV. He called me after it happened and I prayed right away to thank God for his safety. He still had quite a good distance to travel before he’d make it to work too, so I was a nervous wreck until he texted me when he got there. I’m sure the rest of his ride was stressful for him. Especially since the truck that was behind him when he slid sideways down the hill rode his bumper until he got to a passing zone. I don’t know what kind of fool would do that after witnessing what could have become a serious car accident. My husband was taking up both lanes of the road, so if anyone had been traveling in the opposite direction at that moment he would have hit them.

People are as crazy as New England weather! 

Update: My son measured the snow on the railing and deck. The railing had nine inches, and the deck had  ten and a half. The snow is still flying too. It’s a heavy, wet snow. Perfect for snowballs and snowmen, but my husband warned me that the snow thrower isn’t handling it well. 😦 He cleared a path this morning before going to work, but said the snow thrower was pushing it, so I will have to make multiple passes.


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