Homelife… Meal Plan

This week I wanted to be more organized, especially when it came to meal planning. I can say I had some success doing so. πŸ˜‰

We had done a pretty full grocery shop, with some ideas for meals in mind. We have a chest freezer that stays pretty well stocked, and a fairly well stocked pantry too. I made a list of meals according to things I had on hand, time I thought I would have to prepare certain meals on certain days, and I tried to plan out the week so that there was a good variety day to day.

I started on Tuesday, and the first dinner went off without a hitch. We had tacos. We wanted to use up some salad mix that we had in the fridge before it went bad. I buy taco seasoning in bulk at Sam’s Club since tacos is a meal that the whole family enjoys. I can actually get my two year old to eat soft tacos. I don’t put any lettuce in his though. Just seasoned meat and shredded cheese.(Usually mozzarella that we also buy in bulk.)

Wednesday we planned on homemade pizza. I don’t make the dough from scratch, but I buy frozen dough at Market Basket that is preseasoned and inexpensive. Once thawed, I cut the dough into 3 pieces to make “specialty” pizzas to please everyone. I will cook mine separately in my toaster oven, since nobody wants theirs contaminated with my onions, peppers and feta cheese. πŸ˜‰ I will make the other 2 on the same rectangle pan in my regular oven. Plain cheese for the 2 boys and usually turkey pepperoni for my husband. Sometimes I will put chicken and pepperoni on his if he’s in the mood for that extra meat. This week we ran into a small issue on pizza night. We were out of pizza sauce! I usually have 2-3 cans in my pantry since we make pizza about once a week, but apparently we didn’t add it to our shopping list when we used the last can. 😦 We improvised, and just opened up a can of garlic and herb pasta sauce to use instead. Since we used very little of the sauce for the pizza, my meal plan had to change for the next day so I wouldn’t waste that sauce.

Thursday’s original plan was to make a pot roast in the crock pot, but instead I used the sauce I opened the night before to make chicken parm. for my 11 year old. My husband wasn’t in the mood for chicken parm., so I made a batch of General Tso’s chicken for us. (I had chicken parm. the next day for lunch, to use up leftovers.) Both meals were quick and easy to make, so it wasn’t too much of a hassle to make 2 dinners. I forget now, days later what the 2 year old had. It may have been a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Friday was going to be baked chicken, with veggies and rice. We had too many leftovers in the house to make another big meal. My husband and I had some leftover General Tso’s chicken. He had a cheeseburger too, and I made some honey bbq chicken to go with mine. Just a few pieces from a package we buy in bulk, that I heated in the microwave. My 11 year old had a cheeseburger with a bag of chips. Again, I forget what the 2 year old had, he’s so picky it was probably pb and fluff.

Saturday (yesterday) I made a pot roast in my crock pot. I started it around 10 in the morning, and it cooked all day without me giving it too much thought. I am always tempted to open the crock pot and check on the veggies, or move the meat around so none of it dries out from being stuck to the sides. I refrained from touching it until 4pm, when I did move everything around and check the doneness of the veggies and meat. I was afraid the meat was going to be tough, but when we finally ate around 6:30, the meat was very tender. I made some Pillsbury crescent rolls, and a gravy from the juices to complete the meal. My 11 year old was not at all interested in this meal. I made him try some, but allowed him to make a plate of nachos for himself instead.

Tonight I was going to make another meal in my crock pot. It was going to be a corned beef dinner with veggies. Again, we have too many leftovers to make it worth cooking another big meal. It will be leftover pot roast tonight. Obviously my 11 year old will have something else. Possibly a cheeseburger, or a chicken burrito. We’ll see what he is in the mood for at dinner time. 

Tomorrow, Monday night I think we will either have the chicken dinner I had planned for Friday, or I will make a chicken pot pie. If I want my 11 year old to eat the same meal as the rest of us, I will probably go with the pot pie. He really doesn’t enjoy my baked chicken. He doesn’t like foods that get crispy at all. 

Now, I will try to make another meal plan. Hopefully it will go smoother next week. We will go to the grocery store Tuesday, either before or after my baby’s 6 month check up. πŸ™‚ I will try to check my stock more thoroughly before we go shopping. We keep an index card on our fridge to jot things down as we think of them, and it is so frustrating to start that list the same day we have been shopping. πŸ˜› 


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