Too many options leads to disaster…or at least a big mess.

Here is a mild example of what happens when I leave my toddler in the play area for 5 minutes while I vacuum another area. At least most of the toys stayed in the bins.;) When we first purchased these bins I sorted his toys and kept them that way for about a week before I gave up.

Clearly we have given him too many options. If you noticed the “wall” of games in the background the same is true in other areas of my family’s life too. The cabinet holds even more games, the ones for younger children and card games that don’t stack in the wall easily. Unfortunately the card games have been found by the toddler and spread around the house a few times. Some had to be tossed since he and the dogs enjoyed chewing on the cards.:(

We have to purge a lot of our board games this week, because we have plans to use the furniture they are piled on to hold something else. We have ordered bull frog tadpoles to grow and release in our pond. We have a 20 gallon aquarium that will need to be set up in that area. We plan on keeping the tank set up after we grow the tadpoles too. Once that project is completed we will purchase a pet or pets for the tank. We are thinking fire belly toads might be an option for us. We had been interested in getting a pixie frog, but we think it may not be active enough to be entertaining. We just love animals. We already have a golden tegu, and a ball python.:)

Having 3 boys in the house, I know I need to have things ready to entertain them, but I think our tendency to shop at thrift stores has caused an over abundance. 


3 thoughts on “Too many options leads to disaster…or at least a big mess.

  1. Valerie says:

    We have a big cabinet of games, too. We’ve also let a fair amount of games go over the years as we’ve only kept our favorites (due to space and, you know, minimalism and everything) πŸ˜‰ My boys have been finding tadpoles and tiny fish from our creek for the last several days. πŸ˜€
    Blah, I used to really, really stock up on toys and such from the thrift stores but then my kids would get attached to the stuff even though we didn’t have space to keep most of it. :/ Now, I pretty much only buy clothes and movies secondhand. Well, and games sometimes, but only if I really think we’re going to use them.

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