A Nightmare of a Sleepover

My son had his friend sleep over last night. I was up at 1:30 am yesterday to get ready for work, so I knew it would be a rough night for me. I was not anticipating it to be as bad as it turned out to be.

I was lucky, and got out of work an hour and a half early. (After an extremely frustrating day dealing with other people’s mistakes) So, I was home about 12 hours after I woke from my 3 1/2 hours of sleep the night before. 😕

I had time to help clean up my house for company, pump some milk while the baby slept, wash my pump parts and get changed to go pick up my son’s friend.

I brought my son along for the ride to pick up his friend. When we got there we went inside for a little bit. I chatted with the boy’s mother about some homeschool groups they belonged to in the area, one being a Nerf group that I know my son would just LOVE. This part of the day was uneventful and pleasant. 

When I got the boys back home (where my husband had stayed with our 2 youngest children) the baby was fussy and not taking his bottle.😭 I took over feeding him, and trying to settle him down. Once that was done, I started to prepare dinner. During that time the 2 older boys decided they’d like to play a video game. They could not find a special controller required to play. My 2 year old had been playing with it the night before, and none of us could find it. My husband felt so bad that the boys couldn’t enjoy the game that they were looking forward to. 

He decided to take a trip to the store for a new controller. Of course the first store had to be sold out.😠 After I got dinner in the oven I continued the search. I happened to find the controller under one of the recliners of our loveseat. I called my husband to let him know I found it. He was close to the next store he was going to try, so he decided to check it out. He found a controller there for $50, but figured that was too much to spend on something that was no longer needed. A spare would be useful, but we’ll find one cheaper some other time. 

He came home after spending a little over an hour on his endeavor. He did fulfill my request of picking up a large ice coffee to get me through the long night ahead. He made it home right as dinner finished cooking too.😀

I had made a chicken pot pie, since I knew it was safe for my son’s friend who has food allergies. He has had this meal with us before without any problems, but this time he picked out all of the chicken. He said he doesn’t care for it. I guess it’ll be beef on the menu next time, or no meat at all to be safe with the picky eater. He did have a glass of strawberry milk with his meal, and no trouble having a maple cinnamon bun for dessert. Not too long after eating he complained of some stomach pains. He thought it seemed allergy related, so he took a dose of benadryl. After an hour without relief he called his mother to let her know how he was feeling. He became so much whinier once he got on the phone, and sounded much more uncomfortable than he did talking to us. They guessed it must have been food related, even though I re-checked every label for what I fed him and saw no ingredients to be concerned about. He said he was well enough to stay the night still.

The boys stayed up a little longer playing video games and then went to bed. That was probably around 11 pm. At 1:30 am my husband woke to sounds outside of our bedroom door that sounded like a cat coughing up a fur ball. He could see my son’s friend standing in the hall, and then he puked! I had to get up out of bed to deal with it, since my husband needed to get some rest before heading to work at 4am. When I got up, the boy had changed position in the hallway. He apologized for puking, but was still positioned as though more was coming. I had to request he go to the bathroom if he had more to do. I couldn’t believe he was about to do more when the bathroom was literally a few steps away. I was thankful that we no longer have carpeting, but the 8 ft rug he threw up on was going to be a nightmare to clean if it was even possible. This kid really got sick and spread it! My husband is so angry. He feels that the boy did this in the hall outside of our door for the attention. We heard no running to the bathroom, there were no signs along the way that he was trying to hold it in but couldn’t. The fact that there were gagging sounds that woke my husband before the actual incident, really leads both of us to believe he could have made it 5 more steps to the toilet, or even just turned towards the bathroom which would have made the mess so much easier to clean up. 

I had to tell his mother what my husband witnessed, in case this is a pattern of his when he wants attention. I felt bad saying it seemed he didn’t try to make it to the bathroom. The mom said it was probably because he never throws up, and wasn’t used to it like his older sisters. She felt bad that I had to deal with it, and hoped that it isn’t a virus that we might catch. 

My son unfortunately may have discovered what made the boy sick in the first place. When my son went to make a bowl of cereal for breakfast, he saw that our milk was expired.😕 His friend was the only one who had milk with his meal. The milk did not smell obviously bad, but the date had gone by a few days ago. I feel terrible for possibly causing his discomfort by allowing my milk to expire. 

My husband says he isn’t mad that the boy got sick, but the behavior changes bother him. When he spoke with his mom, and when she picked him up this morning he acted very different. He acted very normal, playing games and enjoying time with our son until he interacted with her, then he whined and seemed more uncomfortable.

I am hoping that he feels better soon, that is was food related and that nobody else gets sick. I would feel slightly better if someone did catch his illness, but only because that would mean I probably didn’t poison him.


3 thoughts on “A Nightmare of a Sleepover

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m sorry about that whole situation! Ugh, what a mess!! And how weird that he could’ve made it to the bathroom but didn’t. :/ I’ve seen children act different in front of their parents before and I definitely find it annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It sure was a mess, but I think I’ve saved the rug.😊 I washed it in my bathtub, hung it to dry over a metal rack in my tub for a few hours then fit it in my clothes dryer to finish overnight. Some of the rubber backing wore off in the dryer, and it was wrinkled but I think it’s saved. I didn’t smell any lingering odors. I think the rug may have fit in my washing machine, but I was afraid it would damage it during the spin cycle.
      I know I probably acted sicker around my mom as a child too, looking for sympathy and cuddles. 😉 It is super annoying to witness it though.


  2. Goldnrod says:

    You know, my son never threw up until he was about 9 & he said he was really surprised about how it all went. I do remember being much younger & not being able to think of anything other than how awful I felt & what my body was doing. People need to be told what to do.

    Even as an adult, my husband was mad at me because I threw up in the sink. (It got clogged & he had to deal with it.) I had always used the sink as a child & no one complained.

    All this to say I doubt he stayed in the hallway purposely to get attention.

    I have to say it would really upset me too, but with experience I’ve learned to deal with it.

    Liked by 1 person

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