Our new pet


We went to a reptile expo yesterday in search of a new pet. There were so many options available.  We had to research (I mean my husband researched) what types of reptiles we could even consider for our enclosure. My husband built a large enclosure in our livingroom,  and decorated it perfectly. We have a ball python already, but we wanted something that would be more active and interesting to watch.

We settled on a golden tegu. Depending on its gender, it has the potential to grow to about 3 ft long. We think this size is about the maximum our enclosure would be appropriate for. The lizard pictured looks large, but it’s just a hatchling. They sell them in deli size boxes.😉

Golden tegus are very difficult to tame, so this may end up being a looking at only pet. I am actually too short to open the enclosure without standing on something, so it’s very unlikely that I’d be handling it by myself.

There were some absolutely gorgeous animals at the expo. If I could have, I probably would have purchased some beautiful snakes. The colors and patterns were amazing.  The expo was way more crowded then I expected it to be on a January morning. We would have liked to have spent more time browsing,  but we had the 2 year old in a stroller and I was wearing the 4 month old in a carrier. It was not easy to push through the crowd and check out the displays. 😞


3 thoughts on “Our new pet

    • There was a woman who walked by us, and some other families saying “Why do people bring kids to these things?” She said it with such a disgusted tone. It was a Sunday afternoon, at a reptile show of course there would be children. It’s like a trip to a zoo for people. Many of the animals being purchased were clearly going to be pets for the kids too. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to participate in choosing it? People can be so ignorant and rude. It’s those of us with children who have to be more patient, and careful about moving around in crowds anyway. I don’t think I had a single moment when anyone made room for me and my toddler to get up close to see the animals. It was pretty sad.😞
      Yes, Jacob is 4 months old already, actually 4 1/2. It goes so fast.


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