I had to replace this

0118171551b.jpg0118171551.jpgThis is what my car looked like at the salvage yard. It had been there during a snowstorm, and they move them with forklifts so that’s why it’s snow covered. My fender and hood were smashed together, so both of those pieces needed to be replaced. I didn’t realize at the time, but the impact must have caused my windshield to crack too. My side view mirror and driver door needed replacing too. So, the cost of the repairs became too high compared to the value of my 2007 Hyundai Elantra with over 187,000 miles on it.

After insurance compensation, and taking out a loan I replaced my car.

I bought a car 5 years newer with a lot less miles.😉 I decided to purchase another Hyundai Elantra, but this time it was the limited version. I even bought another silver one. It was what was available, I wasn’t specifically searching for one.

So far, I am enjoying my new car. It is very comfortable, with heated leather seats to warm me up on cold mornings. I haven’t figured out all of the features yet. It has a large display for the navigation system and back up camera. I am still nervous driving since my accident. Especially when the roads appear wet, and the temperature is near freezing. 😒 This car is very similar to the car I was driving for over 9 years without incident, so the transition has been smooth. The rental I had was very nice, but there were some things that were hard to get used to. The placement of cup holders and window controls annoyed my husband and I. I did like the digital speedometer though.

I hate that an accident forced me to purchase a new vehicle before I planned to, but I’m very happy with it.😀


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