Encouraging Early Learning


My little guy who is two, just loves Mickey Mouse right now. My husband found some Mickey related items while shopping at the dollar store recently, and they just happen to be learning tools too. He found a numbers and counting workbook, a box of shape/color flash cards and a puzzle. When my son was first given the workbook, he was excited to see Mickey, but that was all he was interested in. Then he decided to rip apart the cover of the book, but he kept the inner pages intact.  He spent some time flipping through the pages, talking about the characters in it, or the different items pictured. Finally tonight he has shown some interest to write in it, scribble really.😉 He has been “counting”  for a while now, so I was able to show him pictures of the numbers that he likes to say. He really likes saying one and two. Sometimes he will even count backwards like a countdown. It’s so cute. For some reason he likes the number six. He calls it sick though. He’ll often say “one, two, sick “.

It’s great to have so many products available to teach young children, that are designed with themes that capture their attention. If I had to capture his attention with my own artistic abilities he would never pay attention. 😉

He loved the flash cards too. It took him about twenty seconds to rip open the package and spread the cards all over our livingroom. He will show me a card, so I can tell him the shape and color. I don’t want to pressure him to learn too much, but I am happy to answer his questions. I want him to enjoy the learning process and I want to teach him from observations I make of his interests.


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