Total Loss :(

I just found out that my car is being considered a total loss after my accident last Thursday. 

My insurance company is actually being very generous with the value they are giving me for it. I am extremely grateful for that. I don’t expect to find a suitable vehicle for the amount they are giving me though.

We stopped at a dealer while out running errands today, to see some options in person. I feel bad for the salesman who thinks he might be making a sale. He could potentially make a sale,  but honestly we’ve been finding similar cars online with lower mileage and prices. I just wanted to know that my oldest would fit comfortably behind my husband when he’s driving, and that the backseat would accommodate the 2 car seats too.

We were looking at several options, and the dealer we stopped at on a whim actually had just about everything in stock. The Nissan Versa Note might be a contender. The leg room was quite nice for both my husband and my oldest. The cargo area was sufficient too, since we have an SUV for our big shopping days, or family outings.

If anyone has experience with this vehicle and has positives or negatives to share I’d appreciate your feedback. We were driving a Hyundai Elantra, so if you can compare to that your feedback would be greatly appreciated. :mrgreen:


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