Relaxing by the Fire

I just love sitting with my feet up, watching the fire flickering in my wood stove. The coziness of the warmth and light is just so calming.

Then…. the toddler starts calling me to watch his game he has created. Watching once is not enough. He needs to show me over and over again. I know he’s excited about creating something, and I am very proud of that. 😊 At least the baby is napping peacefully and the big boy is quiet in his room too.

Soon my husband will be home, and we’ll all sit down to dinner with a DVR’d football game. Maybe we’ll get another chance to quietly relax by the fire later. We heat our house with wood, so the opportunity to do so is there when the kids cooperate.😉 It’s also nice to have our new reclining furniture to relax on. I LOVE our new loveseat. It does not have the console that many of the options we looked into had, which means the hubby and I can snuggle with our feet up! I wish there were cup holders somewhere, maybe hidden in the arms. We can only put a table on one side of the loveseat due to the size of our livingroom. It happens to fit on “my side” of the furniture. I say “my side” because when we had a sectional in the space my husband claimed the end and I was in the corner. Without a corner of a couch, that space is where the table fits. The hubby is now wanting to switch positions. Over the years, I’ve grown quite comfortable watching t.v. or playing video games from “my side” and I don’t plan on giving it up.😝

It’s time to add wood to the fire.🔥


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