No Christmas Craziness Here:D

I am happy to have given up this thing called Christmas.

I do still live in a world that celebrates Christmas, so I am exposed to the stressed out throngs of people wandering aimlessly, or looking possessed with a mission.  My husband and I are out doing our regular shopping, and we just drove by the local toy store. Its  parking lot is normally quite empty, but here just days before Christmas it is pretty full. I’ve been out with the crowds in years past, and seen it without an open spot to park in so it’s not quite full yet. It just boggles my mind how we all buy in to this idea that we NEED to buy gifts for everyone we know on this one day of the year, and that we have to check off everything on our kid’s wish lists or we’re bad parents.

I was busy nursing the baby, and didn’t get to witness the gift card grabbing frenzy my husband saw one shopper doing to check off the names on their list. When little to no thought goes into what you’re grabbing, is that really going to make the recipient feel special? I don’t want to be a name checked off a list. I also don’t want to lie to my kids and say some magical man brought them gifts. We did celebrate with Santa when my oldest son was very young, but now we regret the lies. We give our kids gifts year round, unexpectedly. Most of the time they are surprised and appreciative.;) It just seems to mean more when we do things for others spontaneously.

I celebrated Christmas for many years, and loved many aspects of it. My husband and I have been reflecting on why we do what we do, and so many of the Christmas traditions just don’t make sense,  or have negative pagan origins.

I just wanted to get this post out there to let people know you don’t have to follow the crowds, especially if it feels wrong to you.


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