We have outgrown our sectional

Our family of 5 just doesn’t fit comfortably on our sectional anymore. Two adults, a pre-teen, a toddler and newborn just won’t work. We like to stretch out to watch movies together, but we can’t do that now that we’ve grown. My husband is 6ft, so takes up half the couch himself. Since I’m nursing the 13 week old, my 11 year old isn’t comfortable sitting super close to me, and the 2 year old is very possessive of his territory.

We ordered a new couch and loveseat from Bob’s Discount Furniture. They are recliners, so we can all stretch out. At least for a couple of years, or until the next baby arrives. I’m not announcing a pregnancy, but we aren’t preventing so it could happen. 😉

I’m looking forward to the furniture delivery Tuesday, but not the removal of our current couch. It’s got damage from cats, a loose arm and some wear marks. I wish it was in better shape to sell, or even give away but it’s rough. We talked about keeping it for my oldest to use in his tree house, but it’s just a plan to be built next spring. We’d have to store it in our shed until then, and it’s BIG.

Surprisingly, my 11 year old really enjoyed testing out furniture. He really liked testing the massage chairs, even though there was no way we’d be getting one. My 2 year old ran through the first store we went to, and was seriously a monster. 😞 The next day we decided to go shopping we remembered the stroller. 😀 It went so much better. Our stroller holds the infant carrier, and the toddler. I love it for that reason, but it is huge. It actually only fits in our SUV, my trunk is too small for it. The baby hasn’t even ridden in my car yet. Two car seats and an 11 year old would be tight. The seats are in there, but only in case of an emergency.  


2 thoughts on “We have outgrown our sectional

  1. Valerie says:

    I love getting new furniture! We bought a glider/ottoman at the end of my pregnancy with Elizabeth and I was so excited, lol.
    I’m glad you found a piece you like. Our couch has two recliners, one on each end and it’s super comfy!!

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