Getting Back To Work

I had my 6 week post partum appointment on 10/25, and went back to work 10/26. 😦

I used all 12 weeks of my FMLA coverage, so I had to return to work. Thankfully my little guy has quickly recovered from his weight loss issues and is now nearly 10 pounds. He was not even back up to his birth weight of 7lbs 10oz until he was 3 weeks old. We had to supplement with formula for a few weeks to get him there. I am taking fenugreek capsules, and pumping as much as I can to keep my production up. I have been able to keep 3-5 feedings on hand in the fridge at all times. I haven’t started freezing any yet, I just make sure we’re using the oldest first and rotating the stock in the fridge.

Getting back to work has been hard. My first night before I went back was the worst. My anxiety level was so high. I only got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep, and I was worried I would forget to bring something or have trouble pumping. Things have gone pretty smoothly.

There have been some changes made in my department while I was out for 12 weeks. Some are good, and some I think are mistakes, but I’ll just have to see how it goes. 2 associates were fired while I was out, and 2 have transferred to other departments. That makes things a bit stressful in my area and we all have to be very flexible. I am glad that I have never had a problem with flexibility. Some people just find it too stressful to go with the flow, and panic. I work in distribution for a major retailer, so this is a very busy season for us. I am happy that they have cut out mandatory overtime for now. If they have to reinstate it, my husband and I will have to take turns working an extra day each week. That will mean not having a single day off as a family. 😦

The first day I worked, I came home to a very happy family. My 2 year old was so excited to see me, and wanted hugs right as I walked in the door. 🙂 The newborn was ready to nurse, so that made me feel good and needed. My husband was exhausted from his first day alone with the boys and I was happy to have enough energy to give him a bit of a break. The 11 year old was glad I survived my day too. 😉 The puppy was even jumping at the front door when I got home.

The next 2 days were very hard on me physically, and again I had very little sleep only 2 1/2 hours one night and 3 the next. My wedding ring was stuck on a very swollen finger when I woke up Friday, so I’ve been taking ibuprofen regularly. My neck, back, arms and legs have all been so sore. I am thankful that I get 4 days off to recover.

Overall I would say my return went well, but I so wish I could have been home longer…. like forever.


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