My Baby Turned 2 Today….But, He’s Not The Baby Anymore

It is my son’s second birthday as I type this blog, but I have a new baby in the house now.

He was born 9/13/16 at 8:12pm. He is my 3rd child, and I thought for sure that he’d be the biggest. He was actually the smallest. He lost more than 10% of his birth weight after he came home, and still hasn’t quite gained it back. 😦

We have never needed to give our babies formula, but this time we have had to. I wasn’t keeping up with my fluid intake while exhausted from lack of sleep, and keeping up with the toddler. I thought he was getting enough milk since he was constantly attached to me, but he didn’t latch well, and fell asleep almost instantly when he nursed. He was a bit jaundiced too, so that makes for a sleepy baby.

We had a lot against us this time around, so it’s been rough. He has finally started gaining weight, and I have been trying to pump as much as possible to increase my milk supply. He still falls asleep while he nurses, so I might just have to pump all of his meals. I have to go back to work in 3 weeks anyway, so I plan on pumping quite often as it is. I want to give him the benefits of breastmilk for at least his first year like I did with his brothers.  I will pump it all if I have to.

It has been wonderful to have my husband home for the past 3 weeks, but it almost seems like we’re seeing less of eachother. I’m constantly tending to the newborn, and he’s been busy with some projects around the house. We both have to tend to the toddler, and other household responsibilities too. Thankfully our 11 year old helps us a lot.

We thought this would be the perfect time to get some home remodeling done, so there have been several trips to gather materials/supplies. That has made these days fly by. We are just getting into the big projects this weekend. I am still tending to the newborn all day, so hubby has been on his own doing a lot of heavy lifting and hard work. We need to turn our 2 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom home to get the 2 babies out of our bedroom. Luckily our bedroom had originally been 2 rooms, so we just have to put the second door where it used to be, and put up a dividing wall. It won’t be as easy as it could have been since when the rooms were combined a slider was put on the outside wall where the rooms met. We have to get a bit creative to keep the slider, and make sure both rooms are large enough for our needs. By the time the 2 young ones are old enough to need more space, our oldest will probably be out on his own. That will give the young ones their own space….unless we have any more children by then. 😉 We do have some ideas to make our house work for an even larger family if the need arises.

So, my “baby” is 2, and really seems huge now that we have an infant in the house. We don’t really celebrate birthdays much. No parties, or gatherings. We do usually have cake, so we’ll probably pick up the family favorite later today while making another trip out to the home improvement store near the grocery store. I wanted to take him somewhere he might have some fun, or do something special for him, but he won’t understand why at this age anyway. I thought we could set up his bounce house outside, but it has been raining. It’s just another day. Our kids are taken on special trips, and given treats year round. I’m sure he won’t disown us later in life if he didn’t go out and “party” on his second birthday.


3 thoughts on “My Baby Turned 2 Today….But, He’s Not The Baby Anymore

  1. Valerie says:

    Congratulations!! Did it end up being an induction or spontaneous labor? I’m sorry he lost more weight than they like to see. Elizabeth had lost about 8% of hers just before discharge from the hospital (almost 60 hrs after her birth) and it freaked me out! We’d never done formula either so I didn’t know what to think! But once my milk came in the next day, she started gaining. I think sleepiness and jaundice definitely make a difference on how much milk there is; my second child was so sleepy and mildly jaundiced and I remember how clearly how I had to do all kinds of song and dances to keep him nursing, lol. For weeks! ((hugs))
    Things sound like they’re going well so that’s good! How are your older kids enjoying the new little one? 🙂
    We’re looking into using the walk-in closet as a tiny nursery for Elizabeth because we need a four bedroom house and ours is only three! I’ve seen cute ideas on Pinterest where you remove the closet door and assemble the crib while in the closet…we’ll see. Right now we’re co-sleeping anyway, so it’s irrelevant! Did you decide to use the bassinet or crib?


    • Thank you.
      I was induced at 38 weeks 5 days and delivered the next day. We had planned on induction for 39 weeks, but my blood sugars started dropping a few days before we actually induced. They dropped into the 50’s which really scared me.
      He is finally above his birth weight! I am pumping a lot of his meals still, but we are using less formula too. I started using Fenugreek on Friday. I think it is helping with my production, but it could also be that I am hydrating better.
      The 2 older boys enjoy their new brother. The 11 year old likes to hold him and give him bottles. The 2 year old is gentle most of the time. He likes to give the baby kisses, he’ll rub his head and touch his hands too.
      The 3rd bedroom is constructed, and flooring is almost complete. After that we have to put baseboards on and move the furniture in. The 2 year old is very excited to have a bedroom. He even seems happy to share it with the baby too. Right now we’re using the bassinet or co-sleeper. The crib has only been used for a few naps.

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