The Baby Has Dropped

Monday morning I woke up to a very noticable change. I could breathe easy. 🙂

I discovered the baby had changed his position quite a bit. His bottom was no longer resting up near my ribs it was much closer to my belly button. I had never experienced this before during pregnancy, so I had to read some articles about what was going on.

According to the information I found, it could mean delivery was soon to follow. I was quite nervous since I am still stitched up. If I were to go into active labor my cervix could tear. I called my doctor to see if this change meant I should have my stitch removed right away, rather than my scheduled date of Friday. They told me that I didn’t have to worry unless I was having 4-5 uncomortable contractions per hour. I was contracting, but only about twice an hour.

I had a non stress test scheduled for the next day anyway, so I just kept hydrated and monitored my contractions…..while also packing my hospital bag and diaper bag for the new baby. 🙂

When my husband came home from work that night we also cleaned out our car and installed the car seat. Just in case.

My NST the next day went perfectly. I didn’t have any contractions, so they didn’t suggest removing my stitch early.

My husband and I are realizing how soon this little one could arrive, so we are getting more preparations done. Next on my list is to assemble the crib, even though we will probably use a bassinet for a while.

I have had a feeling that this pregnancy might actually end naturally rather than with induction. This dropping of the baby is adding to my feeling. Once my stitch is removed, every twinge I feel will make me believe labor is starting. I will be so nervous this weekend while my husband is working. Being my third pregnancy who knows how quickly labor might progress? I don’t have any support to be here to drive me to the hospital, or help with my other 2 kids. I will just have to pray that my husband will be with me when the time does come, or that he will get home in time.


One thought on “The Baby Has Dropped

  1. Valerie says:

    Ooh, exciting!! I’ve been scared of my husband not being here, or getting here, in time but he’s made it to all four births. Even my third, which progressed really quickly (59 min at the hospital!!) and I am so thankful.

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