Out of work until after delivery

Today I started to have some new pains, so I called the on call doctor at my OB’s office. They wanted me seen today in the office, so I waited at work for an hour to hear from a nurse with a time for my appointment. When I got the call, it wasn’t what I expected. The nurse told me another one of the doctors in the practice decided I should head to the Family Place, which is the maternity ward at the hospital I will deliver at. They checked a urine sample, to make sure my symptoms weren’t just a simple UTI. That came back totally normal. Good and bad news, because I didn’t want a UTI, but that would have been a good explanation for my symptoms. They had me monitored for contractions, and I did have some, but they weren’t regular or very strong. They have decided I should not go back to work until I deliver. I am on my feet long hours, and my job requires me to lift heavy objects constantly. Thankfully 12 weeks of FMLA from today, should give me just enough time to recover from a full term delivery.

I am happy that I can rest, stay cool and prepare for this baby’s arrival without worrying about work too.


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