30 weeks pregnant, and losing weight!

I have been having “tummy troubles” for a month now, and am losing weight. I am now only 2 pounds up from where my pregnancy started. Luckily for me, I started out overweight. My doctor recommended that I only gain up to 15 pounds during this pregnancy anyway.

My primary doctor ordered several tests, all of them came back negative. Having no more suggestions for testing, they are sending me to a specialist. If my husband wasn’t suffering from the same “troubles”, we would have assumed it was just the way my body was responding to this pregnancy.

I saw one of the obstetricians from my OBGYN’s office today, and they said my baby will steal what he needs from my body, even if I am losing weight. We decided I should take a calcium supplement, since yogurt and milk add to my issues. If the baby will be stealing calcium from me, I want to add enough to avoid bone loss or dental issues.

I don’t mind losing weight, as long as my baby is growing like he should. Starting this pregnancy overweight and losing weight during will bring me well below my pre-pregnancy weight after delivery. As long as I don’t put a ton of weight on after my issues resolve, I will be better off in the end. In the meantime, the urgency and discomfort of my symptoms is quite the burden… especially while trying to work. I really want this to resolve quickly, but I am not expecting any real relief until after delivery. While reading about what might possibly be causing my symptom, the treatments available during pregnancy seem to be very few. 😦

I will have to wait and see what the specialist might find before I totally give up hope though. I am also concerned, that treatment after delivery might interfere with my plans of breastfeeding. I have about 9 weeks to figure this out.

I hope there aren’t others out there suffering the way I am, but if anyone comes across this blog with some advice having been through it before I sure would appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “30 weeks pregnant, and losing weight!

  1. Valerie says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry about the tummy issues! I hope that gets resolved so you don’t have to deal with additional discomfort at the end of your pregnancy. XO
    I was borderline overweight when I got pregnant this time and it was recommended that I gain under 25lbs. I ended up gaining 21lbs and now at three weeks postpartum, I’m down 27lbs! I’m exclusively breastfeeding and haven’t had any issue with milk supply even with such a weigh loss.
    ((hugs)) to you and your tummy. ^_^

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    • I gained 8lbs with my son who is now 11 years old, and 22lbs with my last pregnancy in 2014. It is so nice to drop below your pre-pregnancy weight right after delivery. 🙂 I am also going to exclusively breastfeed (as long as there are no complications to hinder it). My other boys never had a drop of formula. My only concern with treating this illness after delivery and breastfeeding would be if the treatment would pass through my milk and not be safe for my little guy. I would pump and dump, to keep my supply going if I had to, but I still hope he doesn’t have to be my first kiddo to go on formula… even if it is only temporary.


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