A little update

Hello everyone.

It has been a long time since I have written. In some ways there have been many things going on, and in other ways there has been nothing going on.

My pregnancy is going quite smoothly. I am right around 25 weeks along now. My progesterone levels have been monitored since the beginning of my pregnancy, and finally I have been allowed to go off of my progesterone supplements. YAY!

I have had some monitoring of my cervical length since my cerclage was placed on 3/28, and everything looks good so far. I am still working full time, which is concerning me. I have a very physical job that requires me to do a lot of heavy lifting. My high risk obsterician says his stitch will hold (cerclage), but my back may not. I don’t have any pre-existing back problems, he just said due to the pregnancy hormones my back will be at higher risk of injury starting around this point in my pregnancy. I have spoken to my company’s HR manager, and he said in his experience 100% of the time the company can not accomodate pregnancy related restrictions. That means that I would be sent out of work until either the baby came and I was recovered, or until there was a job opening in my company that I could transfer to with my lifting restrictions. There are not many jobs where I work that don’t require heavy lifting, so the odds of one coming up soon would not be high. If I would be out of work more than 12 weeks, my current position and shift would be gone. I love my current shift, because it gives my family 1 day off every week together. Currently I am working wed-fri, and my husband works sat-mon. We have no daycare fees to worry about, and we homeschool. Seperately we have a lot of time with our children, but that one family day is so important to us. If I lose my position, there will no chance of me finding another wed-fri shift, since they do not offer it anymore. I am just trying to make it at least to 32 weeks along before I get sent out of work. At 3 shifts per week, that’s only about 21 more shifts. As my belly gets larger, the thought of lifting large, awkwardly sized cases of clothing is the biggest concern I have. I feel like I can handle about 90% of my job, so I am hopeful that I can make it.

So, overall my pregnancy is going well, and I am not overly concerned with the high risk issues I have. My diabetes is pretty much under control. I have some bad days when my meals are not ideal and my sugar levels are elevated. I am trying to adjust my insulin use to keep my levels in check. The biggest issues are when I don’t prepare my own meal, and read all the labels to calculate my insulin needs. When I make guesses my sugars go high or low. My blood pressure has been fine at every visit, so I have no worries there. I do suffer from swollen feet after my 10 hour shifts at work, but thankfully once I get home and put my feet up it subsides.

On another subject, we are getting nowhere with our Bible study efforts. We are always busy with housework, yard maintainence, our jobs and regular family life. We have let our spiritual needs sit on the back burner. We all feel bad about that… my husband, myself and my 11 year old son. I am very pleased with the fact that my son feels a desire to get into the Bible and learn more, and I hate myself for not making it a top priority in our lives.


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