My High Risk Pregnancy 15 Weeks

It has been several weeks since I have written anything here. I have been busy with regular daily life, and haven’t made the time.

Today’s update has some pretty exciting news to share… in my opinion at least. 😉

I have had a blood test to screen for genetic disorders, and thankfully all of my results fell into the least risk levels, so we shouldn’t have to worry about Down’s Syndrome, or the other Trisomy conditions they screened for. YAY! Also, through this blood test (of my blood) they were able to see the baby’s x and y chromosomes. Yes, there were y chromosomes. It’s another boy! I am pretty happy to be having another boy. I am a bit nervous about dealing with girl issues. A girl would have been amazing, but I am comfortable with boys. This litle one is due just a couple of weeks earlier than when his brother was born(2 years apart) so we can re-use all of his clothing, as long as he isn’t much bigger or smaller. I know we hardly used a lot of the things we have, so it will be nice to have a second chance to see those cute outfits on a little guy.

I have also had surgery since I last wrote. Actually, it was just a few days ago. I had a cerclage done to prevent an early delivery. The spinal gave me more trouble than the stitches in my cervix. Again, as with my first 2 cerclage surgeries it took quite a long time for me to regain bladder function. I also had more back pain from my spinal, than I had cramping from the cerclage. I really have no complaints about any pain related to the actual stitches. I took 2 doses of Ibuprofen after my surgery, but that’s it. I am using a heating pad on my back right now, since I returned to my very physical job today and am a bit sore. I hope to have less discomfort tomorrow, but even if it’s the same I know I will have 4 days off afterward to rest and recover. (As much rest as you can get with a 1 1/2 year old that is.)

I am nervous about working after having my cerclage procedure. After my first cerclage I was basically put on bedrest, and I was out of work with a shoulder injury when I had my most recent one done. My job requires me to be on my feet 10 hours a day, and to lift up to 50 pounds regularly. I have to do a lot of overhead lifting too, but thankfully those cases are usually no more than 15-20 pounds. My doctor says his stitch will allow me to continue lifting what is required of me, but that by 24-26 weeks my back will probably not be up to the challenge. He said that since pregnancy hormones relax your joints so much, my back will be more prone to issues like disc problems. He said at that stage in my pregnancy my regular OB will probably restrict my activities. I hope my employer doesn’t give me a hard time when that eventually happens.

My gestational diabetes has been a challenge. I was prescribed insulin to take with my meals, since some of my after meal readings were very high. I have been watching my carbs closer, and trying to exercise after dinner, to keep my levels lower. Thankfully I have had mostly great levels since the insulin was ordered, and I haven’t started taking it yet. I do still require insulin before bed, and it’s quite a lot in my opinion. I am up to 32 units right now, and some of my readings have still been above goal in the morning. 😦

I am still taking progesterone daily too. My level was right around 40 the last time it was tested. That is taking 200 mg orally. I was taking 200 mg every other night, but my level was under 30, so they increased my dose to every night.

I am determined to do everything in my power to keep this little guy safe and sound.



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