This pregnancy is real…

It’s official, we are pregnant! I had my first ultrasound yesterday, and the baby is measuring right around 7 weeks.

I had more blood drawn too. YAY! Twice in one week. 😦

I have referrals out to the diabetes educator due to my high fasting blood glucose levels, and the maternal fetal specialist to discuss my cerclage surgery.

I will do whatever it takes to keep this baby healthy, but I am not looking forward to the many, many appointments to come, the surgery I will have, or another delivery. Well, the delivery part is fine. The experiences I have getting epidurals can be painful and scary. I do respond very well to the medication given during the epidurals, and didn’t feel either of my boys being born. That I say a real YAY to. 😉

I feel so absolutely blessed to have this opportunity to be pregnant again. Being the sixth time, with only my two boys being born, I still have so much to worry about though. In my opinion, once you have had a loss no pregnancy will ever feel safe. Even though I got right in to have bloodwork, and will have so many people monitoring me, I still have fear. I know I am doing the best I can to protect this baby, and that is all I can do.



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