As the title suggests, I am pregnant. I have only known for a few days, so it is very early on. I am high risk, so I am very nervous.

I have already been spotting. It was actually what made me test for pregnancy, which might seem strange. I don’t have regular cycles, so when I started spotting last week I thought it was my cycle starting. Then, the spotting was gone…then it was back. It was so frustrating. I felt like what I was seeing was similar to my past pregnancies, so a test was taken. It was in the afternoon, with an 88 cent test, but there was a second line!

I called my doctor right away. I have a history of low progesterone, so I needed to get tested right away. A few hours after the initial positive home test I was in the lab having my hcg and progesterone tested. I found out yesterday that the hcg puts me in early pregnancy, even though the date of my last cycle was 11/12/15. This concerns the doctor some, but I have PCOS and don’t ovulate when the average woman does. I usually find out I am pregnant as soon as possible, so I expected to be about 4-5 weeks along. This is my 6th pregnancy, but I have had 3 losses. My progesterone level was surprisingly high, so that made me very happy. I need to have a repeat blood draw today, or Monday to make sure my hcg is rising as it should to suggest a viable pregnancy, and also to ensure my progesterone level has not dropped. I want to stay positive, and just keep praying for good results but it is hard to do when you have experienced losses.

My baby boy is 15 months old now, putting him nearly 2 when this little bundle could be due to arrive. I think that would be just awesome! My oldest son will be 11 years old soon, and I am sad he didn’t have a chance to have a sibling close in age, but I am praying my baby gets that opportunity. My big boy loves his baby brother so much, and they do get to play. Having 2 kids who would be closer to the same age would be very nice to experience. My boys have fun playing catch or stacking toys and things, but watching 2 kids play together and figure things out together would be really cool.

I had thought my oldest was going to be an only child until our little blessing arrived, and now I have hopes that the baby could be the middle child. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have several conditions putting this pregnancy at risk, but after my recent delivery of a healthy, happy baby I am more confident than I was last time that everything will be fine.

I hope to be updating this post soon, with more happy and exciting news about a healthy pregnancy. ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: My 48 hour recheck HCG test has doubled!

1/14/16 HCG was 231

1/16/16 HCG was 529

I don’t have to be tested again until Friday 1/22/16



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