Knitting, Gaming, and Blogging

The scene here was just as my title suggests until moments ago, when it became blogging, gaming and blogging. 😉

My husband has been doing some research and started a blog that I will no doubt be sharing with you when he finishes, my son has been building a musical video game level on his favorite game, and I have been working on some knitting. I have been working on a new blanket for my baby boy, He really likes the one he has, so I decided to make him another one in a different color, and bigger to fit his growing body. He is now 14 months old, which is still so crazy to me.

Here is a picture of what I have been working on. This is my first “real” knitting project I have attempted. I have made some hats with my round looms, but this is my first time using actual knitting needles. I guess that’s not true, I did attempt to make a dishcloth a while back. It didn’t turn out quite right…so therefore it doesn’t count. LOL!


I have just run out of this yarn, so I am going to continue with a solid dark blue. I hope it doesn’t look too weird when it’s finished. I know the baby won’t care.  I have made some mistakes, but I think it will still serve its purpose when it’s done. I find knitting so much easier than crochet. I think that this blanket will look a lot neater than the ones I have crocheted in the past. I have never been good about counting stitches, or following patterns, so my crocheted items have always looked a bit funky. I think knitting will give me a blanket with a better shape…as long as I don’t drop too many stitches along the way.

I just wanted to share my progress, and let you know that another good read from my husband should be on the way.


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