It’s been quite a while since I have written a post, so I am taking the time to do so today. I really don’t have much to write about though.

My husband and I are looking for some Bible study materials, but we haven’t had any luck finding material that isn’t  “churchy”. We don’t want to do a study that just spews out catchy phrases, or that builds on false doctrine that has been passed down as truth.

We like the pamphlets that the United Church of God puts out, and they are free to download or to request through the mail. We’d just have to try to figure out how to use one as a Bible study to do with another couple. We need something that keeps interest up, and that we can generate conversations that really get us digging into the Bible. Our most recent studies have been video based, and they have had prepared discussion questions. We hardly ever had to pull out a Bible, or Bible app while doing those types of studies though. Some of the questions were either difficult to understand, or just seemed silly and sort of a waste of time.

We have a desire to follow Jesus and his example more closely. I know that I could be doing more to be Christlike and lead by example. I doubt many people see me as Christlike in my everyday life. They may see me as a hard worker, or as quiet, but I don’t think they see me doing for others like Jesus would be. I can be a very self centered, selfish person at times. I do help people when the situation arises, but I know I should try harder, and do more.

Now, I will add just a few thoughts on Thanksgiving…. I appreciate that our country has set aside a day when most people are able to take time to be with their families, and take time to be thankful for the wonderful people/things in their lives. I don’t think that we should limit our being thankful to one day a year. I do think we need to be thanking God everyday for the wonderful gifts he has provided for us all. The craziness that has become Thanksgiving is just awful in my opinion. I can’t stand the advertisements about holiday shopping sales. We are supposed to be thanking God for all that we have, not rushing out for the next biggest/best thing that we just need to have. My family and I do not celebrate Christmas, and I am so thankful we made that decision. The greed and negativity that surround this holiday are nothing that I want to be a part of. Many people are envious of my stressfree holiday season, but they are not willing to give up traditions, that they don’t even have reasons for following besides the fact they’ve just always done it.



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