Diet Changes

A while back my family decided to stop eating pork. Mostly out of obedience to God’s commands to not eat unclean animals, but also due to the fact when you read about pork you really don’t want to eat it.

It was not too hard to stop eating pork. We did enjoy bacon, but we didn’t eat it all that often. We used to eat ground pork in place of beef in recipes from time to time, but quite often while cooking up the meat something seemed off about it and we would toss it. So, since we ate very little pork to begin with, this command seemed fairly easy to comply with.

Until….. I remembered that gelatin was actually made from pork (and all kinds of other ground up animal parts). YIKES! After reading some articles on how gelatin was produced I really didn’t want to eat that again either. I rarely bought Jello anyway, so again this didn’t seem too hard.

Until….My husband discovered we had been feeding gelatin to our baby in his fruity treats! Then we started reading all of our food labels. Of course it was in the gummy treats that we liked, in marshmallows (I was making smores now and then and will miss them, gonna try using Fluff since it doesn’t contain gelatin), and it was in some of our cereals too. (Anything frosted or that contained marshmallows) So, as we discussed the things we had to give up we realized most of the items were not very healthy anyway. We figured this change in diet could help us to make healthier choices.

Then, we discovered the non-food items that contained gelatin. My son’s gummy vitamins which made sense, but also the rest of our vitamins, our cold medicines, and our pain relievers! A lot of these items were very expensive, and actually full since we had recently stocked up. I had a difficult time tossing these items. Especially my prenatal vitamins, since I am still nursing my baby. I will have to find a gelatin free option when I go shopping tomorrow. My husband did say that we should be getting the vitamins our body needs from the food we eat if we make better choices, but where I am nursing I know I need more.

I tried to justify keeping the medicines, thinking the gelatin in them is such a tiny amount, and of that how much could really be pork anyway? Right?! Then, my husband got me thinking straight. He said it may not be much in human standards, but to God it does matter. If we know we are ingesting something He forbids, we need to stop right away. When we didn’t know, we had an excuse.

Most of the food items had less than 2% gelatin, so he asked if we committed other sins less than 2% of the time would that be okay? If only 2% of our belongings were stolen for example, would that matter to God? Of course it would!

It might be time-consuming at first to make sure we aren’t choosing items that have even tiny amounts of gelatin in them, but once we know what is “safe” to eat, shopping shouldn’t be a big hassle. I really don’t see why so many items have to be made with gelatin. It seems that there must be a kosher option available. I am sure many people would not choose to eat ground up animals on their cereal if they had an animal free option. 😉 My husband guesses that the gelatin used must be cheap. Using as much of an animal as possible does seem to be good for the environment too.

I did look up kosher marshmallows, and they are out there. They are made with fish gelatin. They seem to be way more expensive than what I am used to spending though. 😦 Like I said earlier, I will just try to make my smores with Fluff. 🙂


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