Feeling Great

As you may know from previous posts of mine, I have some trouble finding time to get into God’s Word regularly. My husband also blogs, and does research before doing so. When he does his research we get into the Bible more, and have meaningful conversations about our faith and beliefs. I really enjoy this time. I get to spend time with my husband having “real” conversations that actually affect our lives and futures, it gets me thinking more about God, and it gives me the desire to learn more and apply what I learn.

My husband’s research often leads to us learning that what we have been taught in church for so many years is often flawed, or just plain wrong. It can be quite shocking at times. Take an idea like the Trinity….. Father, Son and Holy Spirit as one, yet separate. We learned this as truth, and most churches say it’s one of their core beliefs. Is it biblical? After my husband did some digging, we no longer believe it is. God and the Son are separate, and not equal. Jesus himself says that the Father is greater than he is. Why does the church push this idea of the trinity on us? I am not saying that any part of the trinity doesn’t exist, but it’s not the way the church has taught.

I will provide a link to the blog my husband has written which has quotes, and videos that discuss this topic further.


I just wanted to write today, to say that it is amazing how devoting even a rather small amount of time to God’s Word can really change your attitude and relationships. It’s a wonderful feeling. 🙂


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