Blueberries and Broccoli

Blueberries and broccoli were a big hit with baby boy today. 🙂

I blended up some boiled/steamed broccoli and frozen blueberries for my baby today. It turned out very dark, almost black. It didn’t really look very appetizing, but I couldn’t shovel it in fast enough for him. He slapped at his high chair table for more now! LOL!

I have been blessed with babies who will eat anything. My oldest who is now 10 was raised on jarred baby food, but with this one my husband and I have decided to make his food. It is so easy, and much cheaper than buying jars. We do buy the boxed cereals for him, and treats like puffs and rusks, but he hasn’t had any jars of food with added preservatives and dyes. We just blend up fresh or frozen fruits and veggies for him. I make enough in a batch to last the day, or a couple of days at a time. The equipment used is super fast to wash up too, so none of the process is very time-consuming. I can pack up blended meals to go just as easy as a jar of food too. He is a super easy-going baby, and he doesn’t really care if his food is cold, or warmed. I hope he stays so easy-going and not picky. His older brother went through a very picky phase where he practically lived on PB&J, chicken nuggets or pizza. He would even refuse the typical kid foods like hot dogs and mac & cheese.

We haven’t started the baby on any meats yet, since he isn’t quite 9 months old yet. (Just another week or so.) I hope adding meats to his diet just makes things even easier in terms of meal preparation. If he can eat everything on our dinner plates, then I should be able to just blend up whatever we’re having and not spend extra time making his own special meals. (Not that it’s taking much time or effort anyway.)

I have to say, breastfeeding, and making homemade baby food have really been a great experience. I LOVE that I am not spending crazy amounts of money on formula and pre-packaged meals, and that I know exactly what my baby is eating. It’s true that I don’t know exactly where his produce came from, or how it was handled but I do know a carrot when I see one and that it and some water/breastmilk are the only things in the carrot puree I make. 😉


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