What’s Been Going On

I had to write to say what I’ve been up to lately….not enough is my answer, or is it too much?

Well, to be perfectly honest it has been both. I have been reading too many blogs, not writing enough and basically just not accomplishing what I have set out to do.

My oldest son has been bored too often, my house is never ready for a pop in….thankfully we don’t have much of a risk of that since we don’t have many friends, and our family hasn’t been around for years. (Kinda sad I know) The puppy has been better about using the outdoors as her toilet, but one of the 3 cats has been finding places other than the litter box to use as his. The eggs keep accumulating, so we’ve decided to let the ducks hatch some out to either sell or give away the babies. My baby is growing up too fast. I think we’re doing a pretty good job keeping him happy and feeling loved.

I need to use my time better. I have been up for about 2 hours today, and I don’t have much to show for it. The boys and I have had breakfast (leftover cake from a birthday party for me and the oldest), the puppy has been outside and fed, blogs have been read, the oldest is out in the camper playing video games, [even though I know he’d rather be doing something active with me 😦 ]. And I am writing this blog now, taking up more time that I could be using to clean my house or get other chores done. Priorities need to be worked on. First of all should be my time with God, but I let everything else take all of my time and energy. I do pray at every meal, and randomly throughout the day, but I am not doing well with getting into His Word. I had some good days before work when I have been up pumping milk for the baby and could sit and read while doing so, but then other days the baby would wake up and I would just nurse him instead. That meant I could not open up my Bible because he would get distracted by it, or just be in the way so I couldn’t read. I thought I would use some wind down time after work to read a bit too, but that time is spent checking out whatever my husband had been working on while I was gone, or feeding the baby before dinner was ready. Sometimes I will get on WordPress to check out blogs too, which my husband calls my new Facebook. (Yeah, I had a Facebook addiction that I took care of by giving up cold turkey.) Then after dinner which we eat while watching something on tv we either continue with watching something or move on to video games as a family. That usually lasts until it is time for us to go to bed. Why is it so hard to make time for doing the right thing, especially when you really have the desire to do it? I want to be a light in this world, make a difference and further God’s kingdom. I need to stop being so lazy! I need to set aside time for God. My husband is doing better than I am, but we both need to get on the same page and make a plan to actually be the example we want to be for our children, and the world in general. We want to please God, and not just be “good people” by man’s standards. We know what we should be doing, but yet we get sucked into doing things for ourselves, and somehow thinking we deserve or have earned what we do and acquire.

If I am going to keep this blog going, I want it to mean something to my readers, but I want it to honor and glorify God first. I don’t want it to be about nothing.

I thank God for this day, and for giving me another wake up call. I feel bad that He has to do it as often as He does, but I know He loves me and is always right here with me.


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