The End of 4th Grade!

We have finished up 4th grade! We finished very early this year, even with my high risk pregnancy and shoulder injury. We were so far behind earlier this year, but we buckled down, and pushed through it. The material was learned, the tests were taken, and I am very pleased with the work my son has done. Of course there were bad days here and there, and days when he wasn’t doing his best work, but for a 9 year old I think he did very well. 🙂

Now my boy is wondering what he will do to fill his days, and so am I. There are plenty of chores to be done, but he is not interested in that. 😉 We have discussed a chore list and allowance, but so far have not implemented a program. It’s hard for my husband and I to let him do the chores anyway, since we are a bit picky about how things get done, and we don’t like to re-do a chore that has already been “done”. We do want to teach him to do things properly, and not just well enough to call it done. It can be super frustrating after a hard day of work, or long night with the baby to have a task done below your standards.

Besides chore time, there should be lots of time to get outside, play games and to get into craft projects too. Hopefully we’ll even find time to take some trips and maybe even sneak in a little education while we’re at it. 😉

Unfortunately, all of the regular daily stuff still needs to get done around here, so it’s not a vacation/break for me and my hubby. This 1st week off has been full of appointments, errands and a carpentry project so it hasn’t been much fun for the kiddo just yet. The soon to be 10 year old is quite excited for his time off no matter what though. It’s Spring break for the public school kids around here, so while we have been out this week my son was asked about his vacation, and he was able to say he was actually on his Summer vacation already. 🙂


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