Finding Time

How do you find time? We are only given 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week, so how do we find time to get all that needs, or that we want to get done, done? I simply don’t. I need to be a wife, mother, teacher, employee, homeowner, pet owner and I would like to be a crafter.

I don’t get to spend quality time with my husband. The house doesn’t get as clean as I would like. The schoolwork doesn’t always get graded. The kids are always fed, loved…. and usually kept clean. šŸ˜‰ Working outside of the home can’t be avoided. The yard doesn’t stay as neat as I would like. The pets need more attention than I can afford to give them, but they are always fed and watered. I have stashes of crafting supplies that are neglected.

I know that on the top of my list of thingsĀ I need and want to get done should be getting into God’s Word and findingĀ His plan for my life. I don’t take the time daily to get into the Bible, and I know that if I did I would be happier, and feel more prepared to get through my day. When I do take the time to study a portion of the Bible I see the wrongs in my life, and work on ways to right them. I get encouragement from the lessons I read, and learn how to handle many of life’sĀ challenges. Homeschooling my son does get me into the Bible more than I would on my own, since one of his courses is Studying God’s Word. We only have one more required lesson to get through this school year though. In the past we have tried to sit down as a family every evening and read through part of the Bible, but we fall out of that habit/routine so easily when one of us is sick, tired or if we just simply getĀ sidetracked and let time get away from us. My husband and I don’t want reading the BibleĀ to just be something we check off of our to-do list either.

How do you set aside time for God without it feeling like a chore? I know people say that they get up early in the morning to have their quiet time with God. I have never tried to do that. I have always had a hard time getting up in the morning as it is, to just be on time for work, or for whatever was on my schedule that day. So, end of the day Bible reading hasn’t worked and I have talked myself out of first thing in the morning reading too. Middle of the day while I am home seems to be ok as long as the kids are entertained, but I work outside of the home 3 days a week too. On my work days I get up at 2am, and get home at 3:30pm. I should be able to fit in my time with God when I get home, and I think that will be my plan. I know it won’t start my day with God’s message on my heart, but maybe it will help strengthen my relationship with my family andĀ provide important lessons for my children.

Do you have a planned reading schedule, or do you read random parts of the Bible daily? When my husband and I were reading the Bible together more regularly, we often just opened up the Bible and read fromĀ there. Frequently it would surprise us how fitting that random message would be on that particular day. I don’t have a plan in mind right now, but since I want to be disciplined and follow through with my plan to read God’s Word daily I might have to make one.

Do you take notes while reading the Bible, or search out interpretations of scripture? I think I might try to have a Bible, notebook and internet access available when I start this just in case I feel the need. I have recently found that what I thought I knew about the Bible hasn’t always been biblical. I have discovered that I have been accepting man’s interpretations rather than just reading the words for myself and letting God give me the lesson/message. God’s Word is not meant to be a riddle, or so difficult to understand that only the elite can interpret it. It is supposed to be plain to all. I believe when we get away from what we think we knew, and just read the Bible as if it is new to us we see more clearly God’s message than when we blindly follow someone else’s interpretation. I do appreciate the sites I have found that translate from the earliest text of the Bible to give the most exact translation to the original. We have made so many changes to the original over the years due to misinterpretations. I know that people want to make the lessons in the Bible more fitting for our times/language, but they need to be very careful when doing so. We have come to a point where we have injected popular traditions of man, where they don’t belong. I want to make sure that what I am learning, and teaching is as close to the original Bible as possible.

Well, another one of my life necessities…. another medical appointment is keeping me from writing more on this subject. Hopefully I will follow through with my plan to be more intentional about having quiet time. If so, I am sure my writing will change quite a bit. šŸ™‚


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