Growing Up Way Too Fast

My boys are growing up so fast. Last night my husband had to lower the baby’s crib mattress as far as it would go, because he is able to pull himself to a standing position. I don’t remember my oldest doing that so early, but then again he will be 10 years old about 2 weeks. That is shocking to me. Where does the time go?

We also just got the big boy a new bike and helmet. We wanted to get him some knee and elbow pads too, but they only had really little kid pads where we went. Looks like he’s at the age where we actually need to go to a bike shop to get supplies, and not just the toy department. 😉

It is hard to have an older child who wants to get out and be active, (with me) and an infant who needs several naps a day, and constant care when not napping. I don’t have much energy after being up during the night with the baby to get out and play with the big boy. He doesn’t know what it really feels like, since he can get his 10 hours of sleep. He says that he understands when I say I don’t have the energy, but I know he is very disappointed. He also has to deal with the fact I had shoulder surgery back in November, and still can’t be as active as either of us would really like. I hope to make it up to him this summer with lots of trips to the pool, or the lake, but we still have to get out around the baby’s schedule. (Not that he really has one)

We both have colds right now too, but it hasn’t drained his energy level like it has mine. I just want to curl up and take a nap, but he wants to go play. Not that I would want him to play with other kids while sick, but that isn’t even an option for him right now since we don’t have any kids in the neighborhood that I would approve for him to play with. The kids around here are crazy, and unsupervised. I really don’t understand how a parent can let their kids who are 10 and under just do whatever they want, and go wherever they please. I have seen some risky behavior that I would never allow my child/children to do. It’s like the kids have just been left to fend for themselves without being given any guidance, or lessons on appropriate behavior. Maybe I am just overprotective, or my standards are too high. I hate isolating my child from others, but I don’t want him to pick up on their behavior or be put at risk of injury. I know that his manners, and sense of self preservation might actually be a good influence on the other kids though. He does get to spend time with these kids at the public pool, but I am always there to supervise.

I don’t know how this post went from shock of my kids growing up so fast, to unsupervised children, but I think it is a serious problem. I know that my lack of energy might mean my son doesn’t get to do fun things with me when he wants to, but I still don’t allow him to just go do whatever he wants. I make sure he has safe activities to do, and that I know where he is at all times. It really hasn’t been too long that I would even let him go outside in the yard without me outside too. That basically happened when I was pregnant and later recovering from shoulder surgery and just not able to be out with him. I still check on him often, and ask that he stays in parts of the yard where I can see him from the house easily. I grew up without much supervision, and put myself in risky positions. I didn’t think of the dangers at the time, but they were there. I hate it when people say “kids will be kids”, or “they’ll learn when they get hurt” or some other common phrase. There is no excuse for lazy parenting, or putting your child in danger because it’s too hard to keep up with them or you’re too busy. Right now I can sit here typing this and still see my boy riding his bike and using chalk in my driveway. He knows exactly where I want him to turn around to stay away from the road and he always does.

I suppose since the baby is down for a nap, and I have been able to relax and write this while sipping on my coffee I now have the energy and time to get out with my boy to draw some silly pictures and make him smile. 🙂


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