Why Am I So Afraid Of The Dark, But I Stray From The Light?

Here is another thought provoking post by my husband. I know I have forgotten that my “little” sins hurt God just as much as “big” ones.

Who I am after religion

The words in the title of this post come from a Sanctus Real song called, “These Things Take Time.” From the very first time I heard these words, I found myself thinking, why do we do that? Why do we stray from the light (Jesus) and head right towards the darkness (Sin) when we do not want to? In fact, we are afraid of evil, aren’t we? Afraid of the darkness? Satan creates a picture of darkness and evil and we fear him. Well, we should anyway. He is a liar and a tempter. His sole purpose is to draw us away from the truth. We follow him far too often without even realizing it. We walk right in to the trap. We see something we want, or we think we want, and head right for it only to be left feeling empty and full of regret. Sin takes many…

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