Outdoor School Day

Finally, nice weather to get outside. The temperature is about 70 degrees today. YAY!

It is a good day to sit out on the deck and have school. The outdoor furniture is still either under snow, in the mud or packed away though. We had to improvise with a bar height chair from our kitchen, and a resin chair that was no longer buried in snow and accessible without sinking too far in the mud to get it. 🙂

The fresh air will hopefully help make a few lessons of math fly by. Then we will dig into some English review and take our next to last test of the year! The “wild” distractions may make the lessons take longer than normal though. Since I started typing this we have had a robin, a woodpecker, a chickadee and a chipmunk steal our attention. 😉

The indoor distractions are normally pretty abundant too. We have a puppy, 3 cats and a 6 month old baby in the house that make plenty of distractions for us.

I love the flexibility homeschooling gives us. We have had time to do a project, have outdoor playtime and now actual school time too. We should have it done before dad gets home from work tonight too, but even if we don’t it’s great to not feel rushed and forced to get it done “in time”. We might schedule days out more strictly around appointments or activities from time to time, but for the most part we just get to school when we feel like it. 🙂 Sometimes, that’s when I feel like it, but occasionally it’s when he’s ready to. There really isn’t much sense trying to force him into school when he’s having a bad start to a day for example. If that happens he will either give me a ton of attitude, or make a ton of mistakes which will frustrate both of us. The baby also tends to dictate when school begins, or when breaks must be taken. 😉



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