Getting Crafty Already

So, yesterday my big boy and I started looking for projects to do when we have extra time during the day now that we are getting close to the end of our homeschooling for the year. This morning we are already on project number one…. no schooling done yet today though. How did that happen? The actual project should be quick, but what to do with the finished items will be decided later. If this first attempt goes well, he wants to make a video of the project to post somewhere too. (Video making has been his thing lately.) We are attempting to make fried marbles. I just hope they don’t shatter in my oven. The posts I have seen say that they won’t, but I have terrible luck. The marbles are supposed to break after they are heated and shocked by dropping them into an ice bath, so there is a chance there will be shattered marbles in the bowl we use. I am a bit nervous about doing this project, but the boy is super excited to try it. This is where I originally found this idea. There are more videos and articles about fried marbles if you do a web search. Here are some pictures of the finished product. We used plain, cheap marbles. I imagine if you had better quality/colors these would turn out much nicer.

Fried Marbles

Fried Marbles

Here we have a picture of fried marbles in the top row, and the original marbles below.


The marbles stay smooth on the outside. I am not sure what causes the glass to break inside, and still keep its form. Maybe there is a homeschooling science lesson here after all. 😉 Gotta do some research.


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